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  • Chimney Demolition
  • A Chance for CHP
  • Well-Guarded Mines
  • European Energy Union Under Preparation
  • A New Turbine Passed a Regulation Capability Test
  • Our Panels to Heat the Aquatic Centre in Pardubice


Extremely Low Temperatures Threatened to Cause a Blackout 30 Years Ago

This year abounds with "energy" anniversaries. Sixty years will have passed since the foundation of the Nuclear Research Institute in Řež (1955), we will commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the launch of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant (1985), and the fifteenth anniversary of the launch of Temelín, our second nuclear power plant (2000). Thirty years have also passed since the last controlled disconnection of customers due to extremely low temperatures.


Daniel Beneš

We've Been Cutting Costs to Avoid Layoffs


Great Boiler Cleaning

The staff of the Tisová power plant are preparing for a major project - chemical cleaning of boilers. They will handle it by themselves instead of having a specialized firm do it on a turn-key basis. They already have some experience with it. Seven years ago they were in the role of pioneers.

10 Questions

Jaroslav Macek, Director of the Foreign Acquisition Department

On a Visit

Číčov – Our Only Biogas Facility

It does not smell too good, yet it is cheap and 100% green. ČEZ Renewable Resources generates power from biogas at the foothills of the Brdy mountains.

A Day With

Instead of Engines, I Conduct Suppliers

Josef Flídr, Head of Supplier Management West of ČEZ Distribuce, originally dreamed of becoming an engine conductor. In the end, he has never driven a train. Right after completing a secondary technical school, he joined the Distribution System Maintenance and Renewal Department of the then Zapadoceska Energetika in Klatovy. Twenty-six years have passed since then..