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ČEZ NEWS 03/2014Latest ČEZ NEWS (3/2014) just released

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  • A time for something good, 2014
  • President Miloš Zeman visited Temelín
  • The classics will be cleaner
  • EIA commences at Jaslovské Bohunice
  • The first BMW among our electric vehicles
  • Terminals are gradually replacing computers
  • Managers once again took advantage of thanking their employees in 2013
  • Temelín is a world leader in radiation protection
  • Prunéřov underwent pressure testing
  • Students are still attracted by work at ČEZ


Martin Novák

We are one of the healthiest power sources

In recent years, the development in electricity prices has been headed in only one direction. Down. Regulatory activity in our foreign acquisitions was not very favourable to us, either. This was not the only thing that influenced ČEZ Group business in 2013. Despite this fact, we still reached our projected business goals.


The customer comes first

Our customer's power needs come first. Our attractive advertisement spots go hand-in-hand with concrete measures. A list of almost 30 innovations emerged through our Customer-Oriented program, which will help support the satisfaction of our customers. We also prepared a new Customer Code.


Photographic story of 2013

A selection of the most interesting snapshots taken by professional photographers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2013 makes up the content of the exposition, "Czech Press Photo," which ČEZ supported as a general partner. Through the ČEZ Roadshow Czech Press Photo in seven regions, you can view

a total of 140 images from home and abroad.


Guardians of nuclear safety

It has been almost three years since the earthquake in Japan and the subsequent disaster at the

Fukushima nuclear power plant. This was a wake-up call around the world forcing us to ponder how to further increase the already high

level of safety of nuclear power plants. Even at both Czech nuclear power plants, Temelín and Dukovany, teams have been diligently working on increasing safety measures, under the baton of the FUKU team.


Miroslav Krpec

There are, in fact, three power plants sitting behind the fence at Mělník. What does the future hold for them? And when will the Mělník area once again be united into a single production unit? Miroslav Krpec, director of the Mělník Power Station organisational unit and Chief Executive Officer of Energotrans responds.


Everything for the customer

Our colleagues behind the desks of the ČEZ Customer Centre do not have an easy position. They are literally the first line of contact between us and our customers. We visited them in the company's Customer Centre in Pardubice.