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ČEZ NEWS 12/2014Latest ČEZ NEWS (12/2014) just released

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World of ČEZ

  • New Peugeot with gas from ČEZ
  • Successful certification of the SAP Competency Centre
  • 2015 catalogue of ICT services
  • The American ambassador visits the Temelín Nuclear Power Station
  • Meeting of communicators in Poland
  • We are interested in purchasing Slovakian power stations
  • Another goal for attendance is met at the Temelín Info Centre
  • We give our support to SkiTour 2015
  • Workshops in our foreign acquisitions
  • The SALTO (Safety Aspects of Long Term Operation) mission confirms that Dukovany Nuclear Power Station is prepared for extended operation


Helping comes naturally to us

The ČEZ group has long devoted itself to providing various forms of help to those who truly need it. Financial donations or support in the field of advertising partnerships are complemented by cooperation with employees, their proposals for projects, and transparent joint decision making. Projects founded on voluntary participation and corporate volunteering itself are also a part of the socially responsible approach to business which we have long employed.


Hana Krbcová/Vítězslav Bogač

We are working on our fitness/The number and portfolio of our services is to stay the same


Producers of green energy

Producing electricity by burning biomass is a science. At the Poříčí and Hodonín power stations this is well understood. The problem is not with the burning itself - the local fluidised bed boilers cope as easily with biomass as with coal. A tougher nut to crack was to ensure that this method of producing electricity was not unprofitable for the power stations.

10 questions

Daniel Jiřička

Our subsidiary ČEZ Inženýring has now been in existence for 9 months. It is made up of employees from the production department, the investment department and from the company ŠKODA PRAHA Invest. The operations of the company to date and in the near future are presented by Managing Director Daniel Jiřička.

On a visit

Battling against the elements

Tens of thousands of electrical wires intersect the Czech Republic, taken care of by workers from the Network department of the company ČEZ Distribuční služby. "We are in charge of networks at all voltage levels except for wiring, which belongs to the company ČEPS", says Igor Labuda, head of the Network department. For fitters who are responsible for the maintenance of this extensive distribution system, work is complicated above all by the weather.

We give our support

We support the most extraordinary stories

The documentary series "Tales of Extraordinary Energy" reached its finale in December. Czech Television broadcast eight half-hour documentaries in November. The ČEZ group is a co-producer of the series and the ČEZ Foundation supported the project financially. The amount of the financial contribution was decided by an audience poll.