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February 2014

CEZ Group’s 2013 Net Profit at CZK 35.2 bn

The CEZ Group has exceeded the originally estimated results for 2013. Operating Profit Before Tax (EBITDA) decreased by 4.4% year on year to CZK 82.1 bn, exceeding the expected value by CZK 1.1 bn. Its Net Profit declined by 12.3% year on year to CZK 35.2 bn (CZK 0.2 bn above the expectations). The main factor behind the year-on-year decline is a major drop of the wholesale prices of electricity due to massive subsidies going into renewable energy sources, combined with a stagnating European economy and ongoing uncertainty concerning the regulatory environment in the energy sector. In 2014, the CEZ Group expects its EBITDA to reach CZK 70.5 bn and its Net Profit approximately at CZK 27.5 bn.

February 2014

30,000 Visitors Toured the Temelín Reactor in Just One Month

Just one month was enough for 30,000 people to virtually tour the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant. The English version of the virtual tour makes the inside of the largest Czech power plant accessible to foreigners, too, among them being mostly German, Austrian and Slovak nationals. Not even the power plant staff expected to see such high numbers of visitors.

February 2014

ČEZ even more transparent

Since the 12th of February, ČEZ has been reporting its commodity exchange transactions and OTC commodity, interest rate and currency derivative transactions to a trade repository.

January 2014

ČEZ has priced its offering of €470.2 million Guaranteed Exchangeable Bonds due 2017 exchangeable for ordinary shares of MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas PLC

ČEZ, a. s. has successfully priced its offering of €470.2 million guaranteed exchangeable bonds due 2017 exchangeable for existing ordinary shares of MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas PLC.

January 2014

ČEZ Opens Its Power Plants to Visitors: Welcome to the World of Virtual Tours

Prague, 13 January 2014 – Enjoy a view of the most interesting or commonly inaccessible parts of power plants by means of power plant virtual tours recently launched by the CEZ Group. Between January 13 and the end of February, a total of 7 power plants with 105 stops will gradually be open to virtual visitors. In the case of Temelín, it is globally the first presentation of such a tour solution among more than 430 reactors in the nuclear power plants operated all over the world.

December 2013

Changes in CEZ management

The Supervisory Board today elected two members to the Board of Directors – Tomáš Pleskač and Ivo Hlaváč.

December 2013

ČEZ Raises Efficiency of Its Hydro Portfolio in Romania

After nearly two years of extensively upgrading the Resita water power plant system on the Barzava Superioara river, the project has come to a successful end. Due to the investment of EUR 30 million, the four hydropower plants now generate electricity with 20% higher efficiency, thus producing one fifth more electricity from the same amount of water.

December 2013

CEZ offered the City of Prague partnership in the future administration of Pražská plynárenská yesterday

CEZ offered the City of Prague to make a shareholders’ agreement in connection with purchasing the shares of Pražská plynárenská Holding a.s. and Pražská plynárenská, a.s. from E.ON Czech Holding AG and then buying the natural gas trading and sales segment of Pražská plynárenská, a.s.

November 2013

The CEZ Group’s Earnings in Q1-Q3 2013 Reached CZK 31.7 bn

EBITDA reached CZK 64.3 bn and remained almost unchanged year on year (down by CZK 0.2 bn). The CEZ Group has not changed its expected operating results for the entire year, with EBITDA expected to reach CZK 81 bn. Net Income declined by CZK 1.6 bn to CZK 31.7 bn in a y-o-y comparison. The main factor behind this decline were adjustments to assets created due to regulatory and legislative interventions in the European energy sector and also due to the ongoing trend of declining wholesale prices of electricity. For the same reasons, the CEZ Group has adjusted its all-year Net Income outlook to CZK 35 bn.

October 2013

Martin Roman Resigned As ČEZ Supervisory Board Member. Michal Mejstřík and Jan Mareš Elected As New Members.

The Supervisory Board of ČEZ has today discussed and acknowledged Martin Roman’s resignation from his offices of member and chairman of the Supervisory Board. Then the Board co-opted Michal Mejstřík and Jan Mareš as its new members. Thus, the Supervisory Board now has all member offices filled. Václav Pačes, its Vice-chairman, is going to chair the Board until a new chairman has been elected.