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May 2015

In Q1 2015, CEZ Group generated a profit of CZK 7.6bn and resolved to propose a dividend of CZK 40 per share.

Operating Profit Before Depreciation (EBITDA) for Q1 2015 reached CZK 19.1bn, Net Profit was recorded at CZK 7.6bn and the company’s market capitalization rose to CZK 335.2bn. CEZ Group met the initial expectations for the whole year, which expect EBITDA to reach CZK 70bn and Net Profit adjusted for extraordinary items at CZK 27bn.

March 2015

CEZ Group Exceeded the Expected Financial Results for 2014

Earnings before depreciation (EBITDA) reached 72.5 billion CZK in 2014, which is CZK 2 billion more than originally anticipated. This result was achieved in spite of unfavourable weather conditions and negative development in power sector regulations. Net profit adjusted for extraordinary influences reached CZK 29.5 billion. Market capitalization grew by CZK 35.3 billion to CZK 315.7 billion in 2014 and thus CEZ became the most valuable company in all of the new EU membership countries. Settlement agreement with Albania and the successful start of an ambitious savings program contributed to these good results. Thanks to active measures, the CEZ Group expects EBITDA to be approximately CZK 70 billion in 2015.

November 2014

Arbitration for Gacko was settled, CEZ obtained nearly EUR 7.5 million

The decision of arbitration panel about ČEZ’ claims in an arbitration initiated in 2009 on the grounds of breached contractual conditions in a project for the reconstruction of an old power plant and the construction of a new power plant of Gacko in Bosnia and Herzegovina was settled today. ČEZ received damages totalling approximately EUR 7.5 million in exchange for signing a share purchase agreement concerning joint holding company.

November 2014

CEZ Group Earned CZK 19.6 bn for Three Calendar Quarters of 2014

Over the first nine months of this year, the CEZ Group recorded CZK 147 bn in Operating Revenue, with its Operating Profit Before Depreciation (EBITDA) reaching CZK 54.7 bn and the Net Earnings ending at CZK 19.6 bn. Since all conditions precedent defined in the Settlement Agreement made with the Albanian Government have been fulfilled, the CEZ Group has raised its outlook for the all-year EBITDA to CZK 72.0 bn. The Albanian Government should gradually repay a total of EUR 100 million, with the installments being fully guaranteed by a renown European bank. ČEZ will thus obtain an amount close to the value of its original investment.

October 2014

Agreement with Albania Confirmed: Parties Fulfilled All Conditions Precedent; ČEZ to Obtain Nearly CZK 3 bn

On the premises of the Secretariat of the Energy Community in Vienna, the Parties mutually confirmed that all conditions precedent had been fulfilled; thus, the Settlement Agreement took effect as made between companies of the CEZ Group and Albania in June of this year. According to the Agreement, ČEZ is going to receive a total of EUR 100 million, an amount similar to its initial investment in acquiring the Albanian power distribution company.

September 2014

Changes in the Supervisory Board of ČEZ

At today's Supervisory Board of ČEZ session Petr Blažek resigned from his office of Supervisory Board member to September 29, 2014. At the same session the Supervisory Board of ČEZ co-opted Robert Šťastný as a new member of the Supervisory Board.

September 2014

Police exercised protection of Temelín

Masked police, gunfire or smoke grenades. So looked one of working meeting demonstrations, which took place today at the Nuclear Power Plant Temelín. Representatives from State Office for Nuclear Safety, the Integrated Rescue System, regional administration and government and Nuclear Power Plant Temelín discussed the lesson learned from the events at Fukushima NPP. Neither a representative of the European Commission was missing. Czech Police made the dynamic final dot of the meeting. For the first time in the presence of media, they demonstrated detention of persons who illegally leaked into the site of the largest Czech power plant.

September 2014

CEZ Successful in Arbitration for Gacko and Awarded Damages

The arbitration panel upheld ČEZ’ claims in an arbitration initiated in 2009 on the grounds of breached contractual conditions in a project for the reconstruction of an old power plant and the construction of a new power plant of Gacko in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project was then stopped still before the major capital expenditures were expended. ČEZ is to receive damages totalling approximately EUR 7,5 million.

August 2014

Combined Heat and Power Plant in Turkey is Completed, ČEZ Started Live Operation

Together with its partner, Akkök of Turkey, the CEZ Group has accepted from their contractor a newly built combined heat and power (CHP) plant of Egemer in southeast Turkey and started its live operation. Being a highly efficient source of heat and power with 57% efficiency and a service life of minimum 30 years, the plant should generate up to 7,000 GWh of electricity every year.

August 2014

CEZ Group Earns CZK 17.2 Billion in H1 2014

CEZ Group’s operating revenues amounted to CZK 101.7 bn in H1 2014. Its EBITDA achieved CZK 39.9 bn and net income was CZK 17.2 bn. The year-on-year drop reflects continually worsening conditions in the energy business, decreasing wholesale electricity prices, as well as this year’s extraordinarily warm and dry winter. CEZ Group tries to counterbalance those effects by cuts in fixed costs and by additional business opportunities.