Personal data that we process

Websites and applications

When using our websites and applications, your data are processed by our company. If we, in some cases, commissioned another company to run our website, or we operate it together with another company, that is indicated in the given part of the electronic channel (for instance, the foot of the website).

If CCTV recordings are made in our buildings or in the buildings of other ČEZ Group companies, your personal data, if any, are controlled by the ČEZ Group company, which operates these CCTV systems.


We also obtain your personal data when you communicate with us. There is no difference in whether you communicate with us electronically, by post, by phone, during a personal visit, or perhaps via a data box. If the personal data obtained in this manner apply to the product or service provided by us, the realization of the exercise of rights and obligations of our contracts, the performance of our business, our company is the controller of the provided data.

When you negotiate a cooperation as a business partner with us or you are only interested in this cooperation, you provide us with basic data or additional data necessary for us to jointly conclude the contract, respectively for us to be able to assess if we are interested in your offer of cooperation.

When you negotiate a product or service with us or you are only interested in it, you provide us with basic data or additional data necessary for us to jointly conclude a contract, or for us to be able to assess if we can provide you with the product or service and if so, which one.

We also process data, which are closely related to the way in which you use our products or services, or the data that are related to the nature of our business cooperation or the type of event we organize and you are participating in. Or other information you provide to us during the above-mentioned types of relationships. We consider such data to be particularly:

  • bank account number,
  • customer number, EAN, business partner number, signature
  • supplier's identification number,
  • access ID card number (if assigned)
  • access ID and password to the user's personal account (if created)
  • video recordings from CCTV systems,
  • IP address, cookies and other personal data arising from fulfilment of a concrete contract or relevant legal regulation.

We also process data that is closely related to the realization of the exercise of rights and obligations under our contracts, your status as an employee of another company that is a business partner of ČEZ, your use or access to our objects or objects managed by us and the way you use our products and services. We process the data you provide to us during the use of the services or the performance of the above activities, or any data that arise from the nature of our business cooperation or cooperation with your employer, as well as data from the ČEZ Information Systems, CCTV systems, publicly available sources, and other personal data resulting from the performance of a particular agreement or applicable law.

  • the identification data: title, name, surname, date of birth, and if applicable, the identity card number or ID No.;
  • the contact data: permanent residential address, mailing or other contact address, telephone number, e-mail address;

We process your personal data only to the extent that enables us to provide you with the products and services that you are interested in, respectively only the data necessary for our correct mutual business cooperation. And also to enable us to fulfill our legal obligations and ensure protection of our justified interests related to our mutual relationships.

For this reason, we collect and process your data mainly as users of our products and services, and our business partners, including potential future customers and business partners who are interested in our products and services or in business cooperation with us, or who we have contacted with our offer. According to the specific situation, we also process the data of, for instance, the participants of professional, social and other events organized by us or the representatives of legal entities, including the members of the statutory and other bodies.

For these purposes, our company mainly processes the following categories of personal data: