Consent to processing of personal data

Consent to processing of personal data

During our business or other relationship there may be situations associated with the possible processing of some of your personal data that we will not be able to use for a particular purpose without your consent. For example, some of your photos that you are uniquely identified with, voice or image recordings of your person, and more detailed information about your person. Our company may be interested to use them especially for communication, promotional or training activities.

We will inform you of such situations separately and offer you the opportunity to give our company the consent to use your precisely defined personal data for the specific purpose described and for the proposed period.

It will be at your sole discretion whether you will grant us the proposed consent or you will oppose it. Neither the conclusion nor the duration of our business relationship is conditional upon any such consent for the above purposes and no one will be forced to do so in any way.

Such consent given according to the GDPR may replace your initial consent regarding the same processing purposes, supplement your further consents, if applicable, regarding data processing and does not void or restrict the right of other ČEZ Group member companies to process your data, if such use is made possible for us directly by the legal regulation.

Of course, you can change or withdraw your consent at any time. The procedure for withdrawal of consent is given in the part I want to withdraw my consent.