Sources of personal data

Data sources for security and risk management

For these needs, we use your data that are recorded in the internal databases, which are obtained directly from you or about you on the basis of current or also previous contractual cooperation, which contain information necessary for assessment of security and risk management. The source of this may also be your personal data shared between the ČEZ Group members for this purpose.

Our company obtains your personal data mainly from you within the scope of negotiation of a contract and also during its fulfillment, or from third parties as intermediaries.

Our company will always notify you when it is necessary to provide personal data for provision of a specific service and on the contrary, also when this is voluntary, but provision of such personal data makes mutual communication between you and our company easier and thus significantly increases the efficiency of the rendering of services.

We can also get your personal data from public records or from the state administration authorities. In specific cases, we can get your personal data also from non-public records on the basis of applicable legal regulations.

If our company monitors and records communication with you in order to improve the quality of service, objectivity, provability and safety, we will always inform you of this fact in advance, and you can reject this process. Except for special communication lines designed to solve crisis and emergency situations.


The details of sources of your personal data that we process are given in the following examples.