Processing and sharing of personal data

Other processors

Our activities related to the processing of your personal data are provided mainly by our own employees, or through selected ČEZ Group member companies. However, we also utilize the external network of contractual partners.

Your personal data may be processed if we assign performance of a given activity that is a component of our operations and services to any other party. In some cases, these suppliers or external business representatives simultaneously become processors of personal data. The processor is authorized to handle the data solely for the purposes of performance of an activity that has been delegated to it by our company. In such case, your consent shall not be required for performance of the processing activities because such processing is permitted directly by the legal regulation.

We mainly use the following categories of processors to process your data outside the ČEZ Group members:

  • providers of selected IT services,
  • providers of archive service,
  • providers of debt management and receivables recovery,
  • providers of printing and postal services, including couriers,
  • providers of physical protection of objects,
  • providers of legal services,
  • marketing agencies,
  • valuators and experts.

List of other major Processors

For your and our protection against malware, our company guards and monitors online communications on our website, especially in cases where they are linked to information systems of the ČEZ Group companies. We do not monitor the communications linked to web servers that belong to the bank or financial sector. Our company monitors your activity in the information systems within the ČEZ Group member companies. In particular, selected information on the activities and the times when they were carried out are recorded.

The audit recordings from monitoring are in case of security incident provided only to our designated company staff for the purpose of evaluation. They may be provided only to the criminal authorities or administration authorities for handling offense proceedings on the basis of their written request. Our company may also provide these companies with recordings at own discretion if it suspects a crime or offense, which is recorded. The acquired recordings are kept in a secure manner, and if they are not submitted to the authorized state authorities, they are deleted upon the expiry of the defined period.

More detailed information on the processing of your personal data by the ČEZ Group member companies, which is managed by our company, is provided in this overview.


List of the ČEZ Group member companies – main personal data processors:


Registered office address

ID No.

ČEZ Korporátní služby, s.r.o.

28. října 3123/152, 702 00 Ostrava-Moravská Ostrava


ČEZ ICT Services, a.s.

Praha 4, Duhová 1531/3, PSČ 140 53


ČEZ Prodej, a.s.

Praha 4, Duhová 2/1444, PSČ 140 53


Telco Pro Services, s.r.o.

Praha 4, Duhová 3/1531, PSČ 140 00



To ensure the security of buildings in which we carry out our generating, commercial, and other activities, as well as to ensure the security of provided services, our company has installed and operates CCTV systems with recording capabilities. We advise you of the location of these CCTV systems by means of notices and signs at the entrances to such premises, identifying our company as the controller. We additionally reference our website where more detailed information about the processing of acquired recordings is available. For some buildings, our company is a joint controller of camera recordings together with ČEZ Distribuce, a. s. You can also find detailed information on its website at  

In case of a security incident, acquired camera recordings are solely made available to either company’s designated staff for the purpose of evaluation. The companies have entered into an Agreement on Joint Controllers’ Mutual Rights and Obligations. Recordings may only be provided to law enforcement authorities or to administrative authorities for offense proceedings upon their written request. The controller may also provide recordings to such bodies at its discretion if it suspects that a crime or offense is captured in the recordings. Acquired recordings are stored in a secured manner for a definite, predetermined period and are deleted after that period unless they have been handed over to authorized public authorities.

Our company shares your basic data, or information about the products and services and data from our communication with some other ČEZ Group member companies. We act in this manner mainly to protect our rights and legitimate interests. We need to share the data not only for our security and risk management, but also to maintain the integrity and update of your data and the expediency and quality of service within the scope of Customer identification and authentication, customer relationship management and for your use of the products and services. We also share your data for our administrative purposes.

Our company processes your data manually and automatically. During automated processing of your data, we however do not use automated decision-making, which could affect your rights.

 Protection of your data in our company is organizationally and technically safeguarded in compliance with the applicable legal regulations. We require a comparable level of safeguarding of your personal data also from all our personal data processors.

 For the above-stated purposes, besides our companies and their staff, your personal data may also be processed by some other ČEZ Group member companies or other data subjects outside the ČEZ Group as processors. We provide your data to these companies or data subjects only when they fulfill the organizational and technical conditions we have defined for ensuring their appropriate protection. And further that they are bound by written contract to comply with the negotiated conditions for processing of your personal data and ensuring their stipulated protection.

The reason for transferring of your data to these companies or subjects as processors is usually the fact that they use the knowledge, procedures or technologies with the necessary professional level, which makes it possible for them to more effectively achieve some of the above-stated processing purposes and at the same time also ensure the necessary protection of your personal data.

Some of our products or services are provided in cooperation with companies outside the ČEZ Group, such as business representatives and suppliers. Or they are accompanied at your request by a product or service other than cooperating companies. In all such cases, sharing or processing of your personal data occurs on the basis of personal data processing contracts concluded in compliance with the applicable legal regulations.

Your personal data, on the basis of a justified request, may also be handed over to third parties with authority to seek provision of such personal data. These are, in particular, various state authorities.