ESCO and energy services for companies and municipalities

New energy solutions and technological advances in the energy sector have created the foundations for a new sector – ESCO (Energy Services Company). This is a broad set of products and services concerning resource installation and operation, maintenance and servicing, and optimization of production, distribution and consumption.

ČEZ operates on the Czech and Slovak markets in this sector through the ČEZ ESCO group, which includes a number of subsidiaries that focus on individual or combined solutions. ČEZ ESCO serves corporate customers, office building and industrial site operators, municipalities, cities and public administration. ČEZ Prodej is dedicated to household solutions.

Specifically, ČEZ ESCO constructs and operates production facilities, such as gas boiler plants, cogeneration units and photovoltaic power plants with battery systems, and distribution facilities, such as transformer stations. ČEZ ESCO is also involved in modernising energy management (greening production and refurbishing electricity and heat distribution at facilities and industrial sites). The company also operates energy facilities for many of its customers; for example, ČEZ Energo CHP units and photovoltaics have been combined to create the largest virtual power plants in the Czech Republic, with capacities exceeding 100 MW. ČEZ ESCO also specializes in servicing technological equipment and providing technical security for facilities (TZB) and supplying customers with comprehensive energy savings under contractually guaranteed (EPC) conditions from solution suppliers. ČEZ ESCO is also a supplier of electricity, gas and heat for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as large customers.

ČEZ ESCO also offers a range of electromobility services. These include turnkey design and installation services for charging stations, automotive fleet electrification, charging platforms, and rental or sale of electric vehicles, wallboxes and charging cables. ČEZ ESCO can install and operate charging stations for electric buses and design plans for electromobility concepts for individual municipalities, cities and regions.

ČEZ ESCO controls the following companies: AirPlus, AZ KLIMA, Bytkomfort, ČEZ Distribučné sústavy, ČEZ Energetické služby, ČEZ ENERGO, ČEZ LDS, ČEZ Solární, Domat Control System, E-Dome, Energocentrum Vítkovice, ENESA, Hormen, KART, Spravbytkomfort, and ČEZ Slovakia.

In addition to the Czech and Slovak markets, ČEZ operates in the ESCO sector in Germany, Poland, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria through the subsidiaries and companies of ČEZ ESCO Polska, Elevion, High-Tech Clima, Kofler Energies, Metrolog and OEM Energy. Overall, ČEZ has 5,500 employees in the ESCO sector working in over 60 companies. On the German market, ČEZ has the most employees in this sector, employing approximately 3,000 people at Elevion and Kofler Energies. The Czech Republic and Slovakia employ almost 2,000 employees, Poland has 400 employees and Romania has 150 employees. The revenues of all ČEZ ESCO companies represent approximately 22 billion crowns.