Macroeconomic news

January 2020

A. Babiš: Investment plan includes 20,000 projects

The National Investment Plan should in the future be the main engine of Czech economic growth.

December 2019

Economists predict GDP growth slowdown to 2.0%

The growth of the Czech economy will most likely continue to slow down closer to 2.0% due to weaker demand from abroad in 2020.

December 2019

A. Schillerová: Euro’s adoption must be advantageous

Czech Republic will set a date for the adoption of the euro when it can ensure that businesses and citizens can benefit economically from joining the euro area.

December 2019

K. Havlíček: Gov’t wants to support larger companies sectorally

It is the government's intention to support medium-sized and large companies sectorally, in connection with the concrete requirements of the segments.

December 2019

K. Havlíček: State wants to support hydrogen in transport

Besides the clean electromobility, the Czech Republic wants to support also the development of the hydrogen technology in transport.

December 2019

CR will support neutrality if Austria does not oppose nuclear energy

The Czech Republic will support carbon neutrality if Austrians, who consume Czech energy, do not prevent the Czech Republic from building nuclear energy sources as a clean and emission-free source.

December 2019

Senate approves amendment of Energy Management Act

On December 11, 2019, the Senate approved the amendment of the Energy Management Act.

December 2019

Havlíček: CR to increase its goal for RES by 2030 to 22%

The Czech Republic will factor in recommendations by the European Commission and will increase its goal in the area of renewable energy sources (RES) by 2030 as well as its goal in the area of cooling and heating.

December 2019

CMS: CR less attractive for infrastructure investments

Czech Republic ranked 23rd in the CMS Infrastructure Index 2019, which compares 50 countries on the basis of attractiveness for investment in infrastructure.

December 2019

ČEZ ECO EPC projects’ savings total CZK 1.35bn

Energy savings projects by ČEZ ESCO - ENESA and former EVČ saved clients CZK 1.354bn.