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April 2019

Refueling will start at Temelín. Six fuel assemblies made by Westinghouse Electric Sweden will be tested

Temelín's technicians will load exactly 163 fuel assemblies into the reactor of the shutdown Unit 1. This will include six test fuel assemblies of Westinghouse Electric Sweden. The power plant is going to test them in the upcoming years.

March 2019

INVEN CAPITAL invests in cyber security. The Israeli CyberX platform protects energy operations as well as infrastructure.

INVEN CAPITAL, CEZ Group’s investment fund that seeks opportunities in the new energy sector, acquired a minority share in the successful Israeli company CyberX. They are a major supplier of complex solutions in industrial cyber security. This is already INVEN CAPITAL’s second investment in Israel. In the four years of its existence, the fund has made nine investments in four countries and has successfully exited one of its investments.

March 2019

CEZ Group Earned CZK 10.5 Billion in 2018, Expects Significantly Increased Net Income of CZK 17 to 19 Billion in 2019

CEZ Group’s operating revenues were CZK 184.5 billion in 2018, increasing by almost CZK 11 billion year-on-year in real terms. EBITDA was CZK 49.5 billion and net income adjusted for extraordinary effects generally unrelated to ordinary financial performance in the year was CZK 13.1 billion, in line with initial estimates. The year-on-year comparison of income was significantly affected by nonrecurrent effects that increased the 2017 net income by a total of CZK 7.5 billion, in particular a successful sale of shares in MOL. CEZ Group’s ambition for 2019 is to increase its EBITDA to CZK 57–59 billion and net income to CZK 17–19 billion.

March 2019

On Friday evening, ČEZ shuts down Temelín's Unit 2 as scheduled. The reasons are the equipment inspections and refueling

Refueling, checks of the turbine and of the safety systems and the reconstruction of the circulation cooling water piping. These are only examples of the most important works to be done during the Unit 1 outage. Overall, the technicians plan to do over ten thousand actions and, above all, they want to do it within two months.

January 2019

ČEZ Group is expanding its operations in France to over 215 MW of installed capacity. It is launching the development of another eight projects.

ČEZ Group has acquired onshore wind power projects in France with a potential overall installed capacity of up to 116 MW. CEZ France SAS has acquired power plants in advanced stages of development from ABO Wind, a respected developer for renewable energies. ABO Wind has secured a guaranteed feed-in remuneration over a period of 15 years. At present, ČEZ is preparing the construction of wind power plants in France with a total installed power of over 215 MW. The first turbines should begin delivering environmentally-friendly electricity to the grid this year.

January 2019

INVEN CAPITAL announces its first investment in Israel. The Driivz platform is set to accelerate electromobility development.

INVEN CAPITAL, CEZ Group’s investment fund that seeks opportunities in the new energy sector, is entering the Israeli start-up market. The Driivz platform, which is used by 300,000 drivers worldwide, offers an end-to-end electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure management solution. It is the fund’s eighth overall investment into the ‘new energy’ sector.

December 2018

ČEZ Group focusing on development phases in German wind energy projects.

In December 2018 the ČEZ Group acquired wind turbine projects in Germany with a total potential installed capacity of 190 MW.

November 2018

ČEZ Group Earned CZK 9 Billion for the First Three Quarters and Increased its Forecast of Net Income less Extraordinary Items to CZK 13–14 Billion

CEZ Group’s Operating Revenues for the first three quarters of 2018 reached CZK 129.3 billion, with EBITDA reaching CZK 38.7 billion and Net Income at CZK 9.1 billion. Net Income less extraordinary items that generally do not pertain to the ordinary business of the financial year reached CZK 11.3 billion. The year-on-year change of the income generated for the first three quarters was significantly influenced by nearly CZK 7 billion in one-off revenues in 2017, due in particular to the sale of MOL’s shares. In terms of its expected results for the whole year, CEZ Group has specified its expected EBITDA at CZK 50-51 billion and has increased its outlook for Net Income less extraordinary items to CZK 13-14 billion.

November 2018

INVEN CAPITAL is the biggest investor in tado°, the leader in smart thermostats, alongside such global giants as Amazon and Siemens.

INVEN CAPITAL, CEZ Group’s investment fund investing in promising technology companies in the “new energy” sector, became the biggest shareholder in tado°, the Germany-based leader in the European smart thermostat market. It did so in another round of capital increase with a total volume of EUR 43 million, with participants including “big shots” such as Amazon and Total Energy Ventures. This is INVEN CAPITAL’s third investment made under a joint project with the European Investment Bank (EIB).

November 2018

INVEN CAPITAL and the European Investment Bank report completing another joint investment, increasing its share in the successful innovative company Cloud&Heat.

INVEN CAPITAL, CEZ Group’s investment fund seeking opportunities in the “new energy” sector, has increased its stake in German company Cloud&Heat Technologies. The Dresden-based expert provides unique solutions utilizing heat from servers for heating and hot water for commercial premises. This is also the second investment made under a joint project with the European Investment Bank (EIB). The first one was investment in French technology company Cosmo Tech in September. INVEN CAPITAL has already made a total of seven investments in the “new energy” sector.