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September 2019

INVEN CAPITAL invests in German company Zolar, a leader in digital solutions for rooftop photovoltaic systems.

INVEN CAPITAL, the CEZ Group’s investment fund that seeks out promising projects on the European energy start-up market, has acquired a minority share in German innovation company Zolar. This company provides digital solutions for rooftop photovoltaic installations and combined photovoltaic and battery systems. In addition to Inven Capital, BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures participated in this round of investment with a total volume of EUR 10 million. The existing investors Heartcore Ventures, Statkraft Ventures and Partech Ventures likewise increased their shares.

September 2019

CEZ launched market sounding to divest its assets in Romania

Today, CEZ officially launched the divestment process in Romania. The interest confirmed in writing by the potential investors will be followed by an invitation to submit non-binding offer. CEZ is considering selling seven companies in Romania, keeping only those engaged in energy services (ESCO) activities and part of trading. These steps are in line with CEZ Group's new strategy.

August 2019

CEZ Group Earned CZK 11.2 Billion in H1, Up 45 Percent Year-on-Year

CEZ Group’s H1 operating income before tax (EBITDA) was CZK 32.1 billion, up 19% year-on-year. Net income increased by 45% to CZK 11.2 billion. The increase is primarily due to increased realization prices of generated electricity and higher revenue from commodity trading. Net income adjusted for extraordinary effects was CZK 12.0 billion.

August 2019

Temelín´s Unit 2 restored production of electricity

At the weekend, Unit 2 of Temelín NPP started to produce electricity again. It has been shut down for refueling of from June 21. The outage lasted 50 days and, during it, the technicians replaced a quarter of the fuel, checked the safety systems and mastered over sixty various modernizations. The overall outage schedule included over 13 thousand activities. In the first halve of the week the Unit will achieve the full power. The Temelín's Unit 2 outage will be closely followed by Dukovany NPP Unit 1 outage. It starts on Friday, August 16.

August 2019

Power engineers will check the Dukovany steam generator using a special manipulator

Yesterday afternoon, Dukovany technicians brought special equipment from their colleagues from Temelín. Its task will be to perform complete diagnostics of a minor leak on one of the steam generators at the second production unit. Thanks to its unique properties, the device is able to provide a detailed status of the monitored material. The experts will then use the information to prepare the follow-up work. The checks will be extremely detailed and will take several days. As a result, the start-up of the unit will be postponed probably to the beginning of September. But all will very much depend on the positive results of the repair.

July 2019

ČEZ Trading celebrates successes and expands into new markets

ČEZ traders now trade electricity products on the wholesale market in almost all European countries. They are also currently expanding to markets trading in natural gas, environmental certificates and related financial products.

July 2019

Unipetrol and ČEZ have further expanded the offer of the Benzina network with electricity. Benzina now offers fifteen fast-charging stations at twelve locations – newly in Břeclav, Domažlice, Hlinsko and Siřejovice.

Unipetrol continues expanding the number of locations within Benzina’s network of filling stations where drivers are offered not only conventional fuels but also electric energy from fast charging stations. The filling stations with the newly installed fast-charging stations from ČEZ can be found in Břeclav near the D2 motorway, Siřejovice on the D8 motorway, Domažlice and Hlinsko. At twelve Benzina locations all over the Czech Republic, a total of fifteen fast-charging points from ČEZ are in operation now.

June 2019

INVEN CAPITAL expands to industry 4.0, investing in a progressive Czech start-up who is a leader in acoustic diagnostics of machines.

INVEN CAPITAL, a ČEZ Group investment fund that seeks investment in promising European smart energy startups has acquired a minority interest in Neuron Soundware, the Czech based market leader in industrial machine diagnostics based on acoustic analysis. The company develops and markets advanced hardware and software for predictive maintenance, enabling timely detection of failures and optimisation of operations. In its four years in business, INVEN CAPITAL has made ten investments in five countries, one of which it has subsequently successfully exited.

May 2019

Unipetrol and ČEZ expand Benzina’s offer with electric energy and add new fast chargers on Motorway D5 at Kladruby and Road I/6 in Bochov

Unipetrol continues expanding the number of locations within Benzina’s network of filling stations where drivers are offered not only conventional fuels but also electric energy from fast charging stations. Two new fast chargers of ČEZ have been installed at Benzina’s outlets in Kladruby on the D5 motorway in the direction to Rozvadov and in Bochov on the international road to Karlovy Vary (Road I/6). Eight Benzina locations throughout the Czech Republic currently offer ten fast chargers from ČEZ.

May 2019

CEZ Group earned CZK 8.3 billion in Q1; ČEZ Board of Directors proposes dividend of CZK 24 per share

CEZ Group’s EBITDA reached CZK 19.3 billion in Q1 2019, up 10% year-over-year. Net income increased by 14% to CZK 8.3 billion; net income adjusted for extraordinary events not related to ordinary business operations reached CZK 8.8 billion, up CZK 1.5 billion year-over-year. This growth in earnings can be attributed primarily to higher electricity selling prices and a greater amount of electricity generated by nuclear power plants. The Board of Directors is going to propose a dividend of CZK 24 per share at the General Meeting scheduled for June 26, 2019.