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September 2019

INVEN CAPITAL invests in German company Zolar, a leader in digital solutions for rooftop photovoltaic systems.

INVEN CAPITAL, the CEZ Group’s investment fund that seeks out promising projects on the European energy start-up market, has acquired a minority share in German innovation company Zolar. This company provides digital solutions for rooftop photovoltaic installations and combined photovoltaic and battery systems. In addition to Inven Capital, BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures participated in this round of investment with a total volume of EUR 10 million. The existing investors Heartcore Ventures, Statkraft Ventures and Partech Ventures likewise increased their shares.

February 2018

Governing Bodies of CEZ Approved Contract to Sell Its Bulgarian Assets to Inercom Bulgaria

The CEZ Supervisory Board has granted consent to the sale of the Bulgarian assets to Inercom. The package contains seven companies: CEZ Bulgaria, CEZ Elektro Bulgaria, CEZ Razpredelenie, CEZ Trade Bulgaria, CEZ ICT Bulgaria, Free Energy Project Oreshetz and Bara Group. Following interest of investors in the second half of 2016, CEZ Group started the sales process, the signing of the contract is expected in a few days. Taking into account the sales price, the Group’s fourteen-year-investments in its Bulgarian operations yielded an overall positive return. The international arbitration, which CEZ initiated against the Republic of Bulgaria in July 2016, is not affected by the transaction and ČEZ continues to proceed with it.

June 2014

CEZ entered into settlement agreement with Albania: it will end the Dispute and it will recover almost CZK 3 bn

In Vienna CEZ signed a settlement agreement with Albanian counterparty under supervision of Energy Community Secretariat. According to the agreement CEZ, after fulfillment of conditions precedent, will get in annual installments EUR 100 m in total, i.e. the amount similar to initial investment into purchase of Albanian distribution company. Conditions for ending of arbitrage are part of the agreement.

October 2012

ČEZ Shperndarje to Make Personnel Changes

The ČEZ Group decided to respond positively to the Albanian Government by staffing its positions in the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors of ČEZ Shperndarje with independent experts from SCHINDLERS, a UK-based company with long-term experience in strategic negotiations. ČEZ expects this move to calm down the currently rather tense style of communication and to be instrumental in taking all the steps necessary to resolve the situation in Albania.

February 2008

CEZ Group reached profit of 42.8bn CZK last year

Investments into property (excluding acquisitions) amounted to 30.7bn CZK.

CEZ Power Group reached a net profit of 42.8bn CZK in 2007, which was 49 per cent up on the previous year. The growth was given by higher production, a rise in wholesale prices, operating cost savings and the results of CEZ Group´s activities abroad. The growth was also markedly affected by extraordinary influences, like an impact of the tax reform in the amount of over 3 billion CZK, which reflected the influence of lower tax rates for deferred tax calculation and a change in the estimate of non-invoiced electricity. The contribution of foreign activities to the operating profit was 6bn CZK, which was 27 % more than in the previous year.

January 2008

CEZ Group was granted a loan for general financial demands including financing of MOL shares acquisition, MOL shares acquisition has been settled today

On January 15 CEZ Group concluded a credit contract for the amount of EUR 600 mil. (app. CZK 15.8 billion) for general financial demands including acquisition of 7% share in MOL company within the concluded strategic alliance between both companies. Yesterday, on January 22, the loan has been applied and today the transaction between ČEZ and MOL has been settled.

December 2007

CEZ and MOL created strategic alliance focusing on gas-fired power generation

Prague, December 20, 2007 - Today, leading European energy companies CEZ (Czech Republic) and MOL (Hungary) created a strategic alliance and signed a joint venture agreement.

November 2007

Foreign activities significantly contribute to the economic results of entire CEZ Group

In the first three quarters of 2007, foreign companies of CEZ Group interannually increased their share in the operating profit before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization by 300 million CZK, thus contributing 4.3 billion CZK in total. Now, they comprise 8 % of the CEZ Group economic results.

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