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December 2019

ČEZ commenced operation of a 4MW battery within a joint pilot project with ČEPS

A large-capacity battery system for storing energy and testing various modes of the provided support services for the energy system of the Czech Republic commenced its operation on the premises of the Tušimice Power Station today. The device, activated within a joint BAART research project of ČEZ and ČEPS, was ceremonially opened by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček, Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director of ČEZ Daniel Beneš and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČEPS Martin Durčák. It is yet another project that utilizes vast power station properties for solutions in the area of the “new power” energy.

October 2016

CEZ and Sokolovská uhelná have reached an agreement and put an end to their long commercial disputes

The agreement foresees a new purchase contract for the supply of brown coal from Sokolovská uhelná and the sale of the Tisová Power Plant by the CEZ Group to Sokolovská uhelná. In addition, both parties have agreed to take steps to put an end to all existing lawsuits and not to raise any more claims.

August 2015

Power Supply from the Second Block of Temelin Resumed

The unplanned shut-down of the second block ended today at 10:45 o'clock upon its reconnection to the grid. This block should achieve its full power output in the evening. The block has to be shut down for repair of the generator duct in the non-nuclear part of the power plant.

May 2015

ČEZ Not to Exercise Its Option to Sell Počerady Power Plant

The energy company ČEZ decided not to exercise its first option to sell the Počerady power plant to Vršanská uhelná a.s., a mining company from the Czech Coal group. ČEZ will still have another chance to sell the plant as of 2024 if it decides to do so.

January 2014

ČEZ Opens Its Power Plants to Visitors: Welcome to the World of Virtual Tours

Prague, 13 January 2014 – Enjoy a view of the most interesting or commonly inaccessible parts of power plants by means of power plant virtual tours recently launched by the CEZ Group. Between January 13 and the end of February, a total of 7 power plants with 105 stops will gradually be open to virtual visitors. In the case of Temelín, it is globally the first presentation of such a tour solution among more than 430 reactors in the nuclear power plants operated all over the world.

August 2013

European Commission Sanctioned the Sale of Chvaletice

ČEZ has received a letter from the European Commission in which the Commission approved the sale of the Chvaletice power plant to Litvínovská uhelná. There are no more obstacles that would prevent the power plant from being handed over to the new owner on September 2, 2013. This will also put a definite end to the investigation of ČEZ conducted by the European Commission.

March 2013

ČEZ to Sell the Chvaletice Power Plant to Litvínovská uhelná

ČEZ has selected the highest offer it had received in its process to divest some of its coal-fired power plants. Today, ČEZ signed a contract to sell the Chvaletice power plant to Litvínovská uhelná a. s. The selling price is CZK 4.12 billion. Moreover, ČEZ will annually obtain 90% of the market value of CO2 emission allowances allocated for free to the Chvaletice power plant, which will then be used to further upgrade its power plants. This concerns 5.3 million tons of allowances in a total value of some CZK 450 million in their current prices. The signed contract does not cover any coal supply arrangements with ČEZ. The European Commission now just needs to confirm that the buyer, Litvínovská uhelná a.s., is sufficiently qualified.

March 2013

ČEZ Has Executed a Coal Supply Contract with Czech Coal for Its Počerady Power Plant

ČEZ and Vršanská uhelná (Czech Coal group), a mining corporation, have appended their signatures to a contract to finally secure the supply of coal to the Počerady power plant for a term of up to nearly 50 years. In view of the long-term nature of the contract and the fact that the contract significantly stabilizes the situation in the entire coal market but also in the electricity market, it can be considered as an end to one of the most complex and difficult negotiations in the Czech energy sector.

February 2013

ČEZ Approved Amended Settlement Agreement with the European Commission, and Commits Under the Agreement to Divest Either the Počerady or the Chvaletice Power Plant, or the Tisová and the Mělník 3 Power Plants Combined

The Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of ČEZ have today approved an amended version of the Settlement Agreement with the European Commission, which represents a major step towards putting an end to the investigation conducted by the European Commission against ČEZ since 2009. Already in June 2012, ČEZ offered the EC to conclude the investigation in this manner; that is by committing to sell one of the following power plants: Počerady, Chvaletice, Dětmarovice, or Tisová together with Mělník 3. All of these are power plants for which ČEZ does not plan any major upgrades but rather foresees their gradual shut down as the facilities reach the end of their technical service life. The amended Agreement no longer mentions the Dětmarovice power plant. This Agreement will take force once it has been approved by the European Commission.

November 2012

ČEZ Commenced Round Two of Selling Its Dětmarovice Power Plant

ČEZ has invited bidders to participate in Round 2 of the selection procedure to sell its Dětmarovice black-coal power plant. The deadline for submitting offers is November 22.