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January 2017

CEZ Group knows the tender winners for its housing assets in Prague

The energy conglomerate CEZ Group has selected the winners of its tenders for the sale of its housing assets in Prague Písnice and a residential building in Prague Vršovice. It has also selected the winner of a tender for the sale of an adjacent commercial center in Prague Písnice.

January 2012

Internal Audit Examined Contracts for Škoda Pilsen

The contractual relationships between CEZ and Skoda Power have been at arm’s length and set in a usual formal manner, including provisions on liquidated damages. Having examined the documentation pertaining to CEZ’s contracts for Skoda Power, Internal Audit found no evidence of informal relations that would indicate any improper, unethical or corrupt conduct.

January 2008

CEZ offers most customers cheaper electricity than its main rivals

Customers can save several hundred crowns per year. A promotional campaign aimed at challenging customers to compare competitive offers and to chose their supplier freely.

October 2007

New organisational structure of the company and the personal changes

Today the Supervisory Board of CEZ, a. s., has expressed positive attitude to the new organizational structure approved by the Board of Directors of the company. The new structure will better correspond with the character and extent of business and also with best practice of management of large international energy companies. The new management structure is a result of company´s programme “Effectiveness”, which has been commenced this year.

October 2007

Attitude of CEZ towards the case of Alan Svoboda

Alan Svoboda has announced that the public prosecutor informed him about bringing his case of alleged law breach during purchase of securities of the company to court. At the same time Svoboda announced his resignation from the membership in the Executive Board representing the broad management of entire CEZ Group.

October 2007

CEZ has today broaden lawsuit against Mostecka uhelna enforcing fulfilment of concluded long-term coal supply contract

According to the recommendation of legal advisors, CEZ has today taken another legal step against Mostecka uhelna from the Czech Coal group enforcing fulfilment of long-term coal supply contracts for a modern power plant in the area of Pocerady concluded in 2005.

September 2007

CEZ welcomes publication of third liberalisation package of EU energy law

The European Commission has today published a third liberalisation package of energy regulations. It represents a proposal for an amendment of the Regulation on common rules for the internal market in electricity, Directive on conditions for access to the network for cross-border electricity trade and proposal of a new Directive on constitution of a European Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulatory Offices. CEZ supports adoption of the package and hopes that it will be primarily the endeavour to improve the interconnection among member states that will contribute to the completion of a single European energy market without any pointless barriers.

August 2007

Memorandum of Understanding On Strategic Alliance signed between CEZ and MOL Group

On 30th August 2007, Central Europe's two leading energy companies, CEZ, based in Prague, and MOL Plc., headquartered in Budapest, signed a Memorandum of Understanding which sets out the framework for a strategic alliance to create a joint gas-fired power and heat generation business in countries where MOL is a major energy consumer through its refining operations. As the first step the joint venture is expected to build and operate heat and power plants fired primarily by gas and also by refinery residuals at the Bratislava and Szazhalombatta refinery sites.

August 2007

CEZ has qualified into tender in Romanian Galati

CEZ has received a decision of the Romanian company SC Electrocentrale Galati SA which has qualified the company into the tender for the strategic partner for modernization of existing plant or/and construction of a new plant in Romanian Galati. CEZ Power Company is thus entitled to submit its final offer under this tender. The next steps and the date for the submitting of the final offer has not been fixed yet.