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October 2016

Temelín Tests Important Safety System

Electricity that would last 60 Czech households for a month was generated in two hours by an important backup system at the Temelín power plant. The readiness of a main diesel generator was verified by a two-hour test. Every main diesel generators undergoes a “live” electricity generation test once a year. The latest test was carried out on diesel generator no. 1.

October 2016

CEZ and Sokolovská uhelná have reached an agreement and put an end to their long commercial disputes

The agreement foresees a new purchase contract for the supply of brown coal from Sokolovská uhelná and the sale of the Tisová Power Plant by the CEZ Group to Sokolovská uhelná. In addition, both parties have agreed to take steps to put an end to all existing lawsuits and not to raise any more claims.

October 2016

International Inspectors Check Spent Nuclear Fuel Relocation at Temelín

Cameras, seals, a range of protocols, and especially physical presence are the main surveillance tools of international inspectors when spent fuel is being relocated to storage. This weekend, checks in Temelín were completed by inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency, Euratom, and the State Office for Nuclear Safety.

September 2016

ŠKODA PRAHA Signed Contracts for Pljevlja Coal Power Plant Construction in Montenegro

The contracts for a turn-key delivery of a coal power plant, signed today by the contracting entity and the investor, Elektropriveda Crne Gore A.D. of Montenegro, and the General Contractor tender winner, ŠKODA PRAHA a.s., a member of CEZ Group, brought to fruition several years of the Czech corporation’s effort to strengthen energy self-sufficiency of Montenegro.

August 2016

CEZ Group's profits for the first half of the year have reached 13.8 billion crowns

In the first half of 2016 CEZ Group has achieved a net profit of CZK 13.8 billion, down by 10% year-on-year. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) totaled CZK 33.1 billion, falling by CZK 2.4 billion year-on-year. This has primarily been caused by the lower exercise prices of produced electricity. This influence has resulted in a year-on-year decline of CZK 3.2 billion.

July 2016

ČEZ Has Asked the Ministry of the Environment for an Environmental Impact Assessment of the Potential Construction of New Nuclear Units in Dukovany

In accordance with the Updated National Energy Strategy, ČEZ is prepared to initiate the process of a comprehensive environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the planned construction of new units in the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. Therefore, the company has today submitted to the Ministry of the Environment all the documents required to launch the EIA process. This is the first step in the company’s effort to fulfill the National Action Plan for the Development of Nuclear Energy to ensure the long-term energy self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic. The purpose of the EIA is to identify, describe and comprehensively assess foreseeable impacts of the planned projects on the environment and public health in the relevant context. The EIA is conducted in cases defined by law, always before all the requisite permits are obtained and before the actual project implementation begins. The European energy sector has been going through a period of significant changes and uncertainties, and ČE

July 2016

ČEZ commences international investment arbitration proceedings against Bulgaria

Today the ČEZ Group officially filed a Request for Arbitration against the Republic of Bulgaria with the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), by which it officially commenced international investment arbitration proceedings due to Bulgaria’s failure to observe the investment protection provisions of the Energy Charter Treaty. It decided to take this step following a number of actions of Bulgarian authorities damaging ČEZ companies in Bulgaria, causing the long-term critical situation on the local energy market that is not improving. The claim amounts to hundreds of millions of Euros.

May 2016

CEZ Group Earns CZK 10 Billion in Q1

CEZ Group’s net income in Q1 2016 was CZK 10bn, which is a 32% increase year-on-year. EBITDA grew by 5% year-on-year. The growth was achieved in spite of a further decrease in wholesale electricity prices, primarily thanks to the Company’s successful business strategy.

May 2016

Temelín Stocks Up With Fuel

ČEZ increases fuel reserves in both of its nuclear power plants. Temelín already has fuel for two years of operation of Unit One. The fuel reserve for Unit Two will be increased during this year. In addition, transportation of fuel for this year’s campaign is underway.

April 2016

CEZ will propose to the General Meeting: gross dividend 40 CZK per share

At today´s meeting the Board of Directors of the power company CEZ decided on date of General Meeting of Shareholders and on proposal of the sum of the dividend from the last year’s profit to be submitted to the General Meeting of Shareholders.