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May 2017

CEZ begins negotiations about selling its local assets with selected investors

Following the assessment of investor interest in Bulgarian assets of CEZ, a. s., CEZ Group decided to enter into negotiations with several chosen entities that placed the best offers.

May 2017

CEZ Group Earns Almost CZK 9 Billion in Q1

In the first quarter of 2017, CEZ Group achieved net profit of CZK 8.7 billion, 13% less year-on-year but 15% more than in the year before last. Its EBITDA was CZK 19.0 billion. Decreased realization prices of generated electricity account for a whole 70% of the CZK 1.0 billion year-on-year decrease. CEZ Group increases its estimate of net profit in the whole of this year to CZK 17 billion, primarily due to a successful sale of MOL shares.

May 2017

ČEZ invests through INVEN CAPITAL into a unique solution that combines the world of data centers and heating

INVEN CAPITAL has become a shareholder in the Dresden-based company Cloud&Heat Technologies, which provides a unique solution that uses server heat for hot water and heating purposes in commercial buildings. This solution reduces data center operating cost by 50% relative to a conventional solution.

March 2017

CEZ MH B.V. completes equity placing of MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc shares

Further to the announcement on 29th March 2017, CEZ MH B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of ČEZ, a. s., has announced that it has conditionally sold 7,651,168 shares in MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc (“MOL”) (ISIN: HU0000068952) equal to approximately 7.5% of the share capital of MOL (the “Equity Placing”). The final placing price determined via a bookbuilding process was HUF 18,700 per MOL share, with preliminary proceeds of approximately HUF 143.1 billion.

March 2017

ČEZ Group’s Net Income Exceeds Expectations by CZK 1.6 billion

ČEZ Group reports 2016 net income of CZK 14.6 billion. Adjusted for extraordinary effects generally unrelated to the year’s ordinary financial performance, its net income was CZK 19.6 billion. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) were CZK 58.1 billion (a decrease of CZK 7 billion year-on-year, of which CZK 6.1 billion was due to decreased realization prices of generated electricity). The proposed dividend for 2016 is CZK 33 per share.

February 2017

ŠKODA PRAHA to select GE for further cooperation in Montenegro

ŠKODA PRAHA has selected General electric (GE) as a partner to an agreement which outlines conditions of the cooperation between the two companies on the project in Montenegro - construction on turn-key basis of the coal-fired power plant TPP Pljevlja II. The companies agreed to work as partners aiming to construct the power plant TPP Pljevlja II and also help final customer Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG) to find a suitable financing for the project. By the end of February 2017 ŠP expects to present EPCG a final proposal of the financial structure and financing conditions for the project.

January 2017

CEZ Group knows the tender winners for its housing assets in Prague

The energy conglomerate CEZ Group has selected the winners of its tenders for the sale of its housing assets in Prague Písnice and a residential building in Prague Vršovice. It has also selected the winner of a tender for the sale of an adjacent commercial center in Prague Písnice.

December 2016

CEZ Group Continues To Invest in the German Wind Energy Sector. Total Installed Capacity in Germany Nears 100 MW.

CEZ Group has acquired another 35 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 85.25 MW in the German market. Its eight wind parks are dispersed over northern Germany and all of them have already been commissioned. Operating support is obtained under the contract with wpd windmanager, a sister-company of the reputable seller, wpd AG. The wind farms benefit from the 20-year feed-in tariff.

December 2016

CEZ Group Acquires Its First Wind Park in Germany From AREAM

The wind park with a total installed capacity of 12.8 MW was built as a turnkey project in southwest Germany. CEZ acquired the project, including a 20-year feed-in tariff subsidization contract, from AREAM, a German Investment and Asset Manager.