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The Temelín Nuclear Power Station

The Temelín Nuclear Power StationNew: Virtual tour! The Temelín Nuclear Power Station is situated about 24 km away from České Budějovice and 5 km from Týn nad Vltavou. Electricity is generated in two production units with VVER 1000 Type V 320 pressurized-water reactors.


The Dukovany Nuclear Power StationThe Dukovany Nuclear Power Station

New: Virtual tour! The Dukovany Nuclear Power Station is situated approximately 30 km southeast of Třebíč, in a triangle formed by the municipalities of Dukovany, Slavětice and Rouchovany.


Renewable Resources Information CentreRenewable Resources Information Centre

Free excursion! The Information Centre is located in the Art Nouveau building of the Hučák Small Hydroelectric Plant in Hradec Králové. It will show you all principles and possibilities of utilization of power resources based on water, wind, sun and biomass; it will also introduce the heat pump and geothermal energy.

Dalešice Hydro Power StationInformation Centre of the Dalešice Hydro Power Station

Free excursion! The pumped-storage Dalešice Hydro Power Station was built between 1970 and 1978 on the Jihlava river in the area of the Kramolín municipality. The fill dam is about 100 m high and the power station is equipped with four sets of reversing Francis turbines, each with a capacity of 120 MW.

Dlouhé Stráně Hydro Power StationInformation Centre of the Dlouhé stráně Hydro Power Station

New: Virtual tour! The pumped-storage Dlouhé stráně Hydro Power Station is situated in the Protected Landscape Area of Jeseníky. Many of its facilities are located under ground, and those above ground have been incorporated in the nature with a great care for it.

Lipno Hydro Power StationInformation Centre of the Lipno Hydro Power Station

New: Virtual tour! The Lipno I Hydroelectric Power Station is a part of the Vltava Cascade. Its water reservoir, covering an area of almost 50 km2, forms the largest artificial lake in the Czech Republic.

Ledvice Information CentreLedvice Information Centre

New: Virtual tour! Free excursion! The Ledvice Information Centre is located on the premises of the office building of the Ledvice Power Plant, which is situated at the foothills of the Ore Mountains near the towns of Bílina and Teplice v Čechách. Take advantage of free bus! (Exit at the station "Ledvice úpravna uhlí")

Orlík Hydroelectric Plant Information CentreOrlík Hydroelectric Plant Information Centre

New: Virtual tour! The Solenice Regional Information Center is a background for excursions to the Orlík Hydroelectric power station and dam. The information center has no fixed opening hours. You can visit the turbine room and dam and you can also enjoy the boat trip from Orlík Castle to the dam followed by the excursion of the power plant and the dam. You can watch a film on the dam construction and other historical films on the boat during the sail.

Štěchovice Hydro Power StationInformation Centre of the Štěchovice Hydro Power Station

New: Virtual tour! Free excursion! The Štěchovice water reservoir was built between 1938 and 1944. The concrete dam with a granite revetment is 22.5 m high and 120 m long, with five spillways with crest gates. These spillways with the capacity of 2,400 m3/s are able to handle floods as catastrophic as the one in 1890.


The Šumava’s Power ICThe Šumava's Power Information Centre

New: Virtual tour! Free excursion! The exhibition contains, among other things, a landscape model of the territory from Modrava to the junction of Vydra and Kremelna, veteran devices as well as hydroelectric power plant models with an active simulation of the technological process.

The Power Plant after Modernization

slidehow-ETUNew: Virtual tour! Free excursion! Use novelty in our offer and experience the site visits upgraded Coal Power Plant Tusimice + visitor and education center.

Please order in advance! Contact: Marie Tučková, tel: 720 733 105, marie.tuckova {zavináč} cez {tečka} cz

GPS Coordinates: Loc: 50 ° 22'51.07 "N, 13 ° 20'09.41E
Excursion times: daily including public holidays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., in July and August until 5:30 p.m.; closed on January 1, December 24, 25, 26 and 31
Nearest public transport stop: II.ELNA (bus)
Parking: free parking in front of the main gatehouse

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In the period from 2007 to 2012, Tušimice Power Plant II underwent a grandiose complex restoration that will ensure its future operation in line with the current European standards roughly till 2035 when the adjacent Libouš mine is expected to be exhausted. The power plant’s efficiency increased by 6%, which saves 14% of fuel per MWh produced.

We recommend combine this excursion with a visit to Small Hydro Power Plant Želina on the river Ohre! (outside the period from November to March) Free excursion!