Information Centre of the Lipno Power Station

Information boards, a model, video presentations, handout documents, a tour of the facility

The Information Centre is situated in the attic of one of the two buildings housing the Lipno I Power Station operations (these include the ancillary facilities and a section of the 22 kV switching station right below the Lipno I dam) and it offers information focused on the history and the present day situation of this hydro power station. But also visitors interested in our power company as a whole and in the broader CEZ Group will find relevant information here.

Lipno - ajThe exposition is divided into several sections focused on different topics: the Vltava river valley (prepared by Povodí Vltavy), construction of the Lipno I and Lipno II hydro power stations, their current operation, description of the picturesque countryside around the power station (the areas of Český Krumlov, Vyšší Brod and Lipno, and around of the Lipno reservoir), and brief presentations of the most prominent municipalities in that region (Vyšší Brod, Lipno nad Vltavou, Frymburk, and Horní Planá). All this information is presented to the visitors in a structured manner on 22 artistically designed boards, in the form of printed material, and also in a video show on a DVD system (dedicated mainly to the history and the present day activities of the Lipno Hydro Power Station, but there are other interesting films on power generation available). In the entry hall of the Information Centre, with a see-through section providing a view of the inclined cargo lift, visitors can find information boards showing the location of some of our business units on the territory of the Czech Republic and latest information on the creation and current status of the enlarged CEZ Group.

The exposition is dominated by a 3D model of the power station showing what it looked like in 1959, i.e. just after it was commissioned. The model was built 25 years ago by apprentices of the trade school of ČKD Blansko and for many years it was left unnoticed in the depository of the Museum of the Český Krumlov region. It has now been reconstructed and has been provided by the Museum to be part of our exposition.

Before the end of this year we expect to use the close-circuit TV system, now being set up in the production areas, for virtual tours of the generating facilities.

When you can visit us?

The Information Centre of the Lipno Hydro Power Station can be visited for the biggest part of the year based on a prior arrangement (in writing or by phone). During the summer tourist season from 15 June to 15 September the IC is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (last tour begins on 3 p.m.). Films are run for groups of 40 persons every hour on the hour, employees of the Power Station offer expert presentations, and information boards describing the construction of the Power Station and the area around it are available to visitors. German-speaking guide every Wednesday and Friday (from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.).

How to find us?

The best route is: České Budějovice, Kaplice, Vyšší Brod, Loučovice, the dam of the Lipno Hydro Power Station. Lipno is situated near the Thomas Cycle Route.

Entrance fee:

Adults: CZK 40
Children and pensioners: CZK 20
German-speaking guide CZK 60
We hope you will find the power station.

Contact for arranging visits:

  • CEZ, a. s., Vodní elektrárny,
  • provoz Lipno
  • 382 78 Lipno nad Vltavou
  • phone 731 562 835, 607 666 928, 607 673 651, 380 746 621
  • e-mail: infocentrum.eli {zavináč} cez {tečka} cz
  • GPS: 48°37'59.736"N, 14°14'29.208"E

Parking - free parking is about 350 m from the Information Center on the right side of the dam towards Vyšší Brod