Customer Hotline

The ČEZ Group offers customers the option of handling most customer demands via the Customer Hotline.


Customer Hotline – in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Customer Hotline

371 100 100 or 840 840 840

Breakdown Hotline

840 850 860

Fax Number

371 102 008

Most requests and problems concerning electricity consumption can be solved via the Customer Hotline. Telephone contact can contribute substantially to reducing the number of necessary personal visits to Customer Centres, and thereby offers considerable time savings for customers.

What can be solved and obtained through the Customer Hotline?

  • Information about invoicing (explanation of invoices, adjustments in advance payments, claims) sending of invoice copies
  • Adjustment of advances and frequency of their payment
  • Updating of information about the customer and his consumption point
  • Conclusion and amendment of contracts on electricity supply
  • Claims regarding electrometer operation and MRC (mass remote control) receiver functionality
  • Information about high and low tariff validity periods
  • Information about electricity prices and choosing  the right rate
  • Submission of requests for connection, information about the status of the customer’s request for new consumption or increased electricity consumption
  • Claims regarding the quality of electricity supplies (e.g. outages, breakdowns, insufficient or excessive voltage)
  • Information about customers’ technical requirements (line relays, line insulation)
  • Consulting in the area of electricity use

What can be solved and obtained through the Breakdown Hotline?

  • Information about planned outages
  • Reporting of breakdowns

If the complete handling of the request is conditioned by submission of the respective documents, these may be sent by post, fax or e-mail.

Contact information for communication

Correspondence address

ČEZ Zákaznické služby, s.r.o.
Guldenerova 2577/19
30328 Plzeň

phone: 371 100 100 or 840 840 840
fax: 371 102 008
email: cez {zavináč} cez {tečka} cz