Manner of paying for electricity

Electricity bills can be paid in a number of ways, making it easy for you to choose the method that suits you best.

Make electricity payments comfortable

Once a year, you will receive a billing invoice for each of your consumption points, issued according to your actually determined electricity consumption. If your electrometer was not accessible for reading for the billing invoice, the reading will be replaced with a consumption estimate. In the course of the year, you also receive advance payment invoices, which serve mainly to distribute the financial burden – this means that you do not pay the entire sum for consumption at once, but instead it is divided into a series of regular payments. The frequency of advance payments differs, from monthly to semi-annual. The prescription of advance payments per one consumption point is defined by the payment schedule. You will always find the maturity date, sum for payment and other identification data for the correct pairing of your payment in the payment schedule and the billing invoice.

The most comfortable type of payment is direct debit. An increasing number of customers are opting for this type of payment, because they appreciate is simplicity and low demand on time.

Direct debit from your bank account

Direct debit is the most comfortable payment method. You do not have to think about maturity dates or specific sums – the payment will be deducted from your account automatically, whereas you can designate a reasonable debit limit at your own discretion. Furthermore, you have payments under your control thanks to the payment prescription for the entire accounting period which is sent in advance.

How to arrange direct debit

  • Give the bank debit permission and state the account number to which payments will be made (shown on the electricity invoice).
  • Report the change of payment method and your account number to us.

SIPO (associated collection of residential payments)

This method can be used to pay regular advances for household consumption. You must then pay the billing invoice (once a year) by other means (credit transfer, payment at SAZKA terminals or postal slip).

How to arrange SIPO

  • If you do not have a connection number yet, request one from a Czech Post office.
  • Report the change of payment method and your connection number to us.

If you prefer independent payments, you can use

Nonrecurring credit transfer from your bank account – Can be used to pay advances and billing invoices. It is necessary to create a separate order for each payment, which is demanding in terms of time and higher banking fees.

Enter the payment order always before the maturity date of the advance payment or billing invoice.

It is always necessary to complete all the payment identification data:

  • Recipient’s bank account number *
  • Variable symbol *
  • Sum *

Postal slip – Payment of regular payments via postal slip (voucher) is possible, but not very advantageous. You have to keep track of the maturity date and fill in all the data for every payment. Moreover, you pay a manipulation fee for this payment method.

Always submit your type A postal slip before the maturity date of the advance payment or billing invoice.

It is always necessary to complete all the payment identification data:

  • Recipient’s bank account number *
  • Variable symbol *
  • Sum *

Send electricity payments to one of the following accounts.

Bank Account number
Česká spořitelna 4444442/0800
ČSOB 844844844/0300
Komerční banka 7770227/0100

By letting you choose from three accounts, we save your expenses on fees related to credit transfers between banks.

Electronic invoicing – new means of communication with the customers

Electronic invoicing is a service that enables the replacement of paper invoices – their use allows you to be environmentally friendly, while saving your precious time. Thanks to electronic invoicing, you can handle all matters concerning electricity invoicing quickly, comfortably and easily from your computer.

Electronic Invoice service

is one of the forms of electronic invoicing and enables online viewing and downloading of electricity invoices in PDF format.

After creating a specific invoice, our system will send you an e-mail to inform you of this fact. You then have the option of viewing or downloading the file with the invoice at any time. The downloaded file with the invoice is signed with an electronic signature. This guarantees that no changes were made in the file between issuing of the invoice and its downloading to your computer. The acquired invoice then serves as a regular tax document.

The Electronic Invoice service cannot be used simultaneously with the sending of invoices in hardcopy format by post.

Invoice Data File service

is another form of electronic invoicing and enables the processing of invoices in your company’s information system, thereby dramatically reducing administrative demands.

Thanks to this service, you simply obtain invoicing data for your consumption points in the form of an electronic data file. This file is in CSV format and may be imported easily into most accounting programmes, making the entry of invoices into accounting faster and error-free.

* indicated in the payment schedule or invoice