Alternative energy resources

The demonstration wind power station at Dlouhá Louka near OsekThe CEZ, a. s. endeavors, in this particular area, focused mostly on utilization of wind power, a solar power photovoltaic energy conversion, and biomass energy utilization. In addition, various studies monitor new technologies of fuel cells, energy accumulation and conversion.

The hydro power plants operated by CEZ Group delivered over 2.1 billion kWh of electricity in 2012. The hydro generation accomplishments of 2012 - such as 10.9% year-on-year growth in generation - have been accompanied by plant upgrades, including modifications designed to make the hydro installations more environmentally friendly. As part of CEZ Group's initiatives in support of environmentally friendly generation, the most extensive rebuild of Lipno I Hydro Power Station to-date - a project that will increase the plant's efficiency by approximately 5% - got underway in late 2012. The rebuild will include the overhaul of all the plant's machinery, including complete replacement of the turbine and its regulation system, as well as re-sealing of all pipes.

Elektrárna Hodonín - ilustr. foto - biomasa

The ČEZ Group is operating largest coastal wind farm with an installed capacity of 600 MW.  On 1st June 2010, the first of 240 wind turbine projects was launched and on November 21, 2012 CEZ connected the 240th wind turbine to the grid. The Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm in Romaniasurpassed its rival in Scotland, and has thus become the largest onshore wind farm in Europe.

CEZ Group is also active in biomass area. In April 2009, it announced the purchase of combined power and heat generator using pure biomass combustion in Jindřichův Hradec. Starting from 31 December 2009, one unit of Hodonín Power Plant is designed solely to combust pure biomass. In 2012, CEZ Group produced nearly as much as 422 GWh of electric power from biomass indomestic power plants. The above-mentioned production would cover annual power consumption of approx. 120 thousand households. Regarding the output, Hodonín Power Plant is the number one in CEZ Group; in 2011, it produced more than 216 GWh from biomass.