New NPP Dukovany

Following the conclusions and recommendations of the Czech National Action Plan for the Development of Nuclear Energy, ČEZ established a subsidiary in 2015 called Elektrárna Dukovany II (Power Plant Dukovany II), as an investor and and implementor of a new nuclear power plant project atthe Dukovany site.

Pressurized-water reactor technologies are prefentially considered for the new nuclear unit at Dukovany. These can be supplied by a number of renowned world manufacturers. The reference blocks for new-build at Dukovany are therefore considered to be:

  •     AP1000, Westinghouse Electric Company LLC (USA);
  •     APR1000, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (South Korea);
  •     ATMEA1, an ATMEA joint venture between EDF Group (France) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan);
  •     HPR1000, China General Nuclear Power Corporation (China);
  •     VVER-1200E, Rosatom (Russia).

The performance limitation of the Dukovany site is based on the results of the analysis of technical and natural limits, where for the placement of reactors with power up to 1200 MWe it is necessary to implement a smaller range of actions with significantly lower risks than with the placement of medium (1450 MWe) and large (1750 MWe) units. With the anticipated simultaneous operation of the new unit with the currently operated units of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, only a unit with an output of up to 1200 MWe can be operated so that the total net electrical power in the Dukovany site does not exceed 3250 MWe. In the case of a medium (1450 MWe) or large (1750 MWe) unit, at least one unit of the existing power plant would have to be shut down prematurely. For medium power technology with two steam generators (1450 MWe), it is unrealistic to ensure the transportability of heavy and bulky components in the conditions of the transport infrastructure of the Czech Republic. Simultaneous operation of two units of medium (1450 MWe) or large (1750 MWe) power is excluded due to site limits.