20. 11. 2015

The results of the invitations to tender bonds

Prague, November 20, 2015 - CEZ, a. s., accepted all offers to repurchase bonds issued under the USD 700,000,000 4.250% issue due in 2022 in the total nominal amount of USD 411,406,000 at a price of 107.49%. The settlement date of the repurchase of bonds is November 24, 2015. Considering that the envisaged maximum acceptance amount of the tenders was nearly reached, CEZ, a. s. does not accept any tenders of bonds issued under the EUR 750,000,000 4.500% issue due 2020. The repurchase of bonds will be financed from available cash. The transaction does not change the net debt amount of the company (i.e. total debt minus available cash) and therefore does not limit CEZ Group to fund any additional expenditure.