18. 5. 2017

ČEZ Establishes a New Nuclear Energy Division. It Will Be Led by Bohdan Zronek

ČEZ Establishes a New Nuclear Energy Division. It Will Be Led by Bohdan Zronek

The management of the CEZ Group decided to establish a new Nuclear Energy Division with effect from June 1, 2017. As from the same date, the existing Generation Division will be transformed into the Conventional Energy Division. Bohdan Zronek, the current Director of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant, was appointed the new head of the Nuclear Energy Division and a member of the ČEZ Board of Directors. Thus the Board of Directors is now complete, i.e. it has seven members. The current Division head, Ladislav Štěpánek, will lead the Conventional Energy Division.

By establishing the Nuclear Energy Division, ČEZ responds to the needs to comply with the requirements of the amended Atomic Energy Act and the implementing regulations and to further increase the level of safety of nuclear power plants. All departments performing activities related to the use of nuclear energy will be therefore placed in a separate division. Bohdan Zronek will also be responsible for the preparation of new nuclear facilities.

Bohdan Zronek joined the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant in 1994, when he participated in the preparation of its commissioning. He began as a turbine operator and gradually worked in all positions in the control room of this South Bohemian nuclear power plant. He has been its director since 2015.

Nuclear energy is a highly regulated and very specific sector. Establishment of a separate division is, in my view, a logical step responding to the new legislation. My aim is to simplify the management, to complete changes in securing maintenance services and, last but not least, to look for synergies between our existing and potential new facilities. It will not be easy in present-day Europe, but I believe we will continue to be one of the European leaders in the field of nuclear energy,” said Bohdan Zronek, head of the Nuclear Energy Division and member of the ČEZ Board of Directors.

In the function of the Director of Temelín Nuclear Power Plant, Bohdan Zronek will be replaced from September 1, 2017 by Jan Kruml, head of the Equipment Maintenance Management Department. During previous years, he has repeatedly assumed the duties of the deputy director of the Power Plant and has a clear idea of ​​his work and responsibilities.