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December 2016

International Auditors: Temelín Meets New International Environmental Protection Standards

New measures taken by Temelín to protect the environment were checked by experts from international audit firm Det Norske Veritas in recent days. According to the auditors, Temelín protects the environment in compliance with new international standards that have been in effect since the beginning of this year. The Southern Bohemian nuclear power plant thus successfully defended its prestigious environmental certificate.

October 2016

Temelín Tests Important Safety System

Electricity that would last 60 Czech households for a month was generated in two hours by an important backup system at the Temelín power plant. The readiness of a main diesel generator was verified by a two-hour test. Every main diesel generators undergoes a “live” electricity generation test once a year. The latest test was carried out on diesel generator no. 1.

October 2016

International Inspectors Check Spent Nuclear Fuel Relocation at Temelín

Cameras, seals, a range of protocols, and especially physical presence are the main surveillance tools of international inspectors when spent fuel is being relocated to storage. This weekend, checks in Temelín were completed by inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency, Euratom, and the State Office for Nuclear Safety.

May 2016

Temelín Stocks Up With Fuel

ČEZ increases fuel reserves in both of its nuclear power plants. Temelín already has fuel for two years of operation of Unit One. The fuel reserve for Unit Two will be increased during this year. In addition, transportation of fuel for this year’s campaign is underway.

June 2015

Nuclear Future, or NAP NE Key Facts

At its meeting on Wednesday, June 3, the government approved the National Action Plan for Nuclear Energy (NAP NE) prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance. The Plan envisages building new nuclear units at both Dukovany and Temelín. We have prepared excerpts from the key passages of the document for you.

May 2015

PM Sobotka Visits Temelín Nuclear Power Plant

The government’s development policy for the energy sector envisages the construction of two new units at the Dukovany and Temelín nuclear power plants.

May 2015

Government Approves Energy Policy Update

At its Monday meeting, the Czech government approved the long-awaited Updated State Energy Policy (USEP), which is the nation’s key strategic document for the energy sector. The document gives strategic specifications for the development of the Czech energy sector in the next 25 years.

May 2015

Nuclear Construction Adapts to New Developments

A year ago, on April 10, 2014, the ČEZ Board of Directors decided to stop the award procedure for the construction of Units Three and Four of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant. This resulted in redeployment of our nuclear experts. They keep working on the new build projects for the Temelín and Dukovany nuclear power plant sites and even had to intensify work on the Dukovany project.

April 2015

Temelín Unit 2 to Undergo Refuelling and Turbine Upgrade

A routine outage will start at Unit Two of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant on Saturday. During the outage, the operator will replace a quarter of fuel, upgrade the turbine, and keep on implementing measures from EU stress tests. The outage schedule contains over ten thousand activities in total. The unit should start generating electricity again in mid-June.

October 2014

Siting Permit for Temelín Units 3 & 4 Issued

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, the licensing process for the nuclear new build siting stage was concluded with the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SUJB) issuing a siting permit for Unit 3 and 4 nuclear facilities at Temelín.