How much can you save with ČEZ, if you have a house with an energy consumption of 61,032 kWh*

Region Annual savings
South Bohemia 4 053 CZK
South Moravia 4 125 CZK
Prague 3 244 CZK
North, middle and west Bohemia 4 215 CZK
North Moravia 4 245 CZK
East Bohemia 4 252 CZK

* An approximate calculation of household savings when using natural gas for cooking, water heating and heating in comparison with the dominant supplier in the given distribution area.

Three reasons for ČEZ

  • Guaranteed discount for the entire period of gas supply and a further 5% during the first 12 months
  • High-quality customer services and consulting services. We settle everything for you!
  • Reliable natural gas supply from a stable partner