Welcome cheaper natural gas from ČEZ into your house

How much can you save with ČEZ, if you have a house with an energy consumption of 61,032 kWh*

Region Annual savings
South Bohemia 4 053 CZK
South Moravia 4 125 CZK
Prague 3 244 CZK
North, middle and west Bohemia 4 215 CZK
North Moravia 4 245 CZK
East Bohemia 4 252 CZK

* An approximate calculation of household savings when using natural gas for cooking, water heating and heating in comparison with the dominant supplier in the given distribution area.

Three reasons for ČEZ

  • Guaranteed discount for the entire period of gas supply and a further 5% during the first 12 months
  • High-quality customer services and consulting services. We settle everything for you!
  • Reliable natural gas supply from a stable partner

GasHow can you transfer to ČEZ?

We offer you the possibility to execute your contract by telephone. You can call our non-stop 371 100 100 or 840 840 840 customer line anytime. An operator will complete the contract with you and send it to you for your signature. Please have your current invoice or natural gas supplier contract ready to aid in the processing of you request, as it contains necessary data for a change of supplier.

If you are going to solve your requirements personally at out contact place, please take your passport or other identity card with you. In case that some other person will represent you during the negotiation, it is necessary to delegate all powers of attorney to this person.