10. 1. 2022

New discovery during birdwatching in Temelín

Exactly 34 birds of twelve species were recorded by pupils from the Malá Strana Primary School in Týn nad Vltavou in the castle park in the vicinity of the Temelín nuclear power plant.

"An interesting discovery was the middle spotted woodpecker, a species that we have seen here for the first time," said Jakub Vlček, an expert from the South Bohemian Ornithological Club, under whose supervision forty children took part in a nationwide bird count called "Bird Watch Hour". This is the fourth year that the Czech Society for Ornithology has organised this event.

In addition to the middle spotted woodpecker, the pupils recorded other small songbirds such as the great tit, blue tit, Eurasian nuthatch, common treecreeper, and European robin.