Completion of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant

dostavba ETENuclear power is experiencing a renaissance throughout the world. The completion of Temelín NPP will guarantee reliable coverage for the increasing demand for electric power in the Czech Republic beyond 2020. It will create sufficient reserve capacity and safeguard the stability of the power system with a minimal discharge of greenhouse gases. Temelín NPP was originally designed to have four nuclear units. Completion of the remaining two will optimise the use of the existing infrastructure. It is thought that the completion of Temelín NPP will provide a significant impulse to the development of industry, science and education in South Bohemia, as well as throughout the whole of the Czech Republic. Further information on the prepared completion follows on this page.

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Current News

Today ČEZ cancelled the procurement procedure in accordance with Public Procurement Act for construction of two nuclear units in the location of Temelin nuclear power plant and subsequently sent a relevant notice on...

Basic Information

Main benefits of the assessed possibility – completion of units 3 and 4 in the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant.

Reasons for completion

A list of reasons why it was the completion of the 3rd and 4th units of the Temelín plant which was chosen as the option for production portfolio development.

Myths about Temelin Plant

In relation to the project completion of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant, it is necessary to emphasise some of the less known or forgotten facts.


Information on technology for new units including a list of the most modern nuclear reactors.


Information on safety requirements and nuclear unit parameters.

Licensing process

Information on the progress and details of the licensing process.

Environmental impacts

Information regarding the environmental impacts of the nuclear plant operation including the impacts on the carbon dioxide emission reduction.

Waste management

Information on temporary and permanent nuclear waste storage.

Attitude of the Public toward Nuclear Power Engineering

Information about the attitude of the Czech public toward the use of nuclear energy and new nuclear facility construction in the Czech Republic.

Nuclear Power Engineering Development in the World

Figures and information about using nuclear utilities throughout the world.