Basic Information

Financial Costs

The costs of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant completion might be known after the contract is concluded. Due to competition principles, it is impossible to publicly anticipate or specify it. Construction of new units will be financed solely using funds of CEZ, a.s., which means using shareholder’s capital and bank loans.

Investment costs of the new Temelín unit construction cannot influence the electricity price in the Czech Republic as the price is always given by the current situation in the market, i.e. it is determined by supply and demand. Nevertheless, the electricity market in the Czech Republic is fully open to foreign suppliers and consumers. CEZ, which wants to do well on the market, must offer a competitive price.

Main benefits of the assessed possibility – completion of units 3 and 4 in the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant

  • The completion results in lower dependence of the Czech Republic on imports of gas and oil, which will help maintain the country’s energy security and will complete the optimal energy mix.
  • The completion of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant ensures reliable covering of the growing electricity consumption in the Czech Republic in the future and builds sufficient reserves.
  • Electricity generation in a nuclear power plant offers, unlike other resources, the lowest costs. Although one plant cannot influence European electricity prices, the project will have positive economic implications for both Czech enterprises and the state budget.
  • Realisation of the construction at Temelín is most advantageous in terms of economical, logistic, technical reasons and even in terms of environmental impacts, as already existing free building plots and infrastructure will be used. An important factor is also the fact that the original Temelín Nuclear Power Plant project was designed for four units and the decision to build only two of them came during its construction.
  • The completion of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant will bring work opportunities to Czech employees, trade opportunities to domestic suppliers and investments to the development of the region, and will help keep a highly-qualified labour force in a high-tech field in the country.
  • As nuclear power plants  do not emit CO2, other greenhouse gases, dust and other pollutants, and consequently do not contribute to global warming or pollute the air, unlike coal-fired or gas plants, they have a positive environmental impact.
  • The world has sufficient reserves of uranium and there are sufficient production capacities for nuclear fuel from a number of suppliers, and as a result, there is no threat of dependence on potentially risky countries.