Several options of the most modern light water moderated pressurised water reactors (PWR) have been considered for completion of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant. They are designs of so-called III and III+ generation. These are the following reasons for selection of PWR:

  • worldwide expansion of nuclear power plants with pressurised water reactors – they create almost 60% of all operated nuclear power plants in the world,
  • designs of so-called III and III+ generation tested with 50-year operation and improved in relation to current safety standards,
  • in process construction of such designs in Europe and elsewhere in the world,
  • experience of the ČEZ Company with operation of this type of power plant -  Dukovany and Temelín are PWR of  generation II,
  • power corresponding with optimal utilisation of the current Temelín location and needs of the Czech Republic for future years, including extending possibilities of power regulation.

See more about safety of the future units here.


Overview of the latest nuclear reactors under consideration

AES-2006 – MIR 1200

VVER 1000RReference AES-2006 (at present MIR-1200) contains a design derived from the VVER 1000 type reactors of which two units are currently operated at the Temelín Power Plant.

It is a pressurised water reactor design developed by the Atomstroyexport and Gidropress companies.

The design is under Russian licence. The previous lower power models of 1000 MW (V91/92) are licensed in India, China and Bulgaria.

Construction of these units is currently in progress at the Novovoronezhskaya Nuclear Power Plant and the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant. Construction of the aforementioned lower power models has recently been completed in Tianwan in China and Kudankulam in India.

Main characteristics

Elektric power (net) 1113 MWe
EUR Certification yes (2007)

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EPRIt is a pressurised water reactor design developed by the AREVA company as an improvement on the N4 and Konvoi reactors which are currently operated in Germany and France. It is licensed in the country of origin, i.e. in France, Finland and also China.

Licensing is currently in progress in the USA and Great Britain. In countries where the design has already been licensed construction of new units is underway. The sites are Flamanville in France, Olkiluoto in Finland and Taishan in China.

EdF, the French power company and the largest operator of nuclear power plants in the world, is using this type of reactor for the overall refurbishment of its nuclear power plants.


Main characteristics

Gross power 1600+ MWe
EUR Certification yes (1999)

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Westinghouse AP1000TM

AP 1000The AP1000 design is based on technologies tested over 50 years of operation and utilises the experience of the Westinghouse Company who operate tens of pressurised water reactors.

The design was granted US licence in 2006. A licence supplement was issued in 2011, paving the road to the construction of new nuclear power plants in the United states. A licence permitting the construction and operation of two AP 1000 reactor units was obtained in Georgia. Beyond the US, the design has been licensed in China.

Among European countries, the licensing process is under way in the United Kingdom, where the design was preliminarily approved in 2011.

Construction of the first 4 units is currently being carried out at Sanmen and Haiyang in China, with plans for the construction of a minimum 8 further units at various localitions.

Main characteristics

Elektric power (net) 1117 MWe
EUR Certification yes (2007)

Further information about the reactor: