20. 9. 2010

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008/2009

Ladies and gentlemen, dear readers,

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008/2009More and more companies are declaring their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). I am proud that this is nothing new for CEZ Group. You are holding the third CEZ Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report – and that in itself is an indication of how seriously we take our orientation toward long-term goals beneficial to society as a whole. At CEZ Group we are fully aware of the responsibility we share for the state of the environment that surrounds us, and we have made CSR a part of our strategic planning as well as the day-to-day work of all our employees, co-workers, and suppliers. CSR pervades the activities of the whole corporation, including those of all integrated Group companies. CEZ Group takes seriously its responsibilities toward shareholders, employees, the environment, and the public. We are continuously searching for new ways to improve our systems and cooperation. Of course, we are responsible stewards of our tangible assets, but we also care for the intangible capital contained in natural resources, the value of our brand, and our relationships, which are characterized by trust and partnership. We are modernizing our technologies and techniques, introducing innovative production processes, and investing large sums in environmental protection and safety. We pay considerable attention to science and research. Through our seven fundamental business principles, we adhere to ethical behavior standards in all our dealings, both inside and outside the Group. Our corporate culture creates an atmosphere of open communication and cooperation. One decision that contributes to this is the creation of the new position of ČEZ Ombudsman.

CEZ Group’s operations are very closely interlinked with the needs and development of society. Each year, we donate large sums through the ČEZ Foundation as well as other long-term philanthropic activities. For us, donorship is an integral part of CSR, based on the principle of shared well-being. And that’s why, in 2008, we helped to establish a new periodical, entitled CSR Forum, that documents the state of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Czech Republic and creates a much-needed platform for society-wide discussion on CSR topics. Ladies and gentlemen, in the chapters of the CEZ Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report, you will find much information and, no doubt, a number of facts demonstrating that, for CEZ Group, social responsibility is not just about the words, but about providing concrete assistance that goes above and beyond legislative requirements.

Martin Roman
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, ČEZ, a. s.