Solar Power Plants

Enjoy a virtual tour of Buštěhrad Solar Power Station

Virtual tour

The most rapidly expanding type of renewable source recently is solar energy. The CEZ Group currently operates 13 power plants with a total installed capacity of 130 MW in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

The largest CEZ Group photovoltaic power plant is Ralsko with an installed capacity of 55.7 MW. The group of photovoltaic installations known collectively as FVE Ralsko and located kilometers apart from each other is located in the territory of the former military area, which would hardly find an alternative use.

The most original photovoltaic power plant is located on the roof of a small hydroelectric power plant Přelouč. There are therefore two power plants in one locality using the principles of production from renewable sources. The installation of the solar power plant was part of the reconstruction of flat roofs of the switch room and engine room at the hydroelectric power plant in Přelouč.