Nuclear Power Plants

The Czech Republic belongs to a group of developed countries, across the world, which have integrated the peaceful use of nuclear energy into their energy mix.

The world currently faces two major global energy challenges - access to energy resources and the negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions on climate change. Nuclear energy can help to tackle both: it produces virtually no greenhouse gases (especially CO2), on the contrary, it contributes significantly to reducing global emissions of these gases into the atmosphere. At the same time, nuclear sources are among the cheapest energy sources in the world. The favorable price of electricity produced from nuclear sources - comparable or lower than the prices from coal and gas-fired power plants - reflects the low impact of fuel costs. Unlike with other energy sources, this price also includes all external costs (waste management, decommissioning, health and environmental impacts).

CEZ operates two nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic: NPP NPP Dukovany and Temelin. They produce around 30 TWh of electricity annually, which is around 1/3 of the Czech total electricity production. Thanks to them, millions of tons of greenhouse gases are not released into the atmosphere and domestic brown coal can be used for complex chemical processes and heating.

Both nuclear plants had passed a series of stress tests, demonstrating their resistance to extreme natural influences and the capacity to withstand even very grave situations without endangering their surroundings. Based on the experience and lessons from the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, certain requirements were identified for further increasing the resistance of nuclear power plants, particularly in conjunction with extreme natural phenomena. These requirements have been gradually implemented. Nevertheless, we continue to improve the plants because safety has always been, and always will be, our priority.

Nuclear Power Plants Installed power output Year of commission
Dukovany 4 x 510 MW 1985-1988
Temelín 2 x 1082 MW 2000-2002