ÚJV Řež provides products and services in the following areas:

Nuclear energy:

  • Safety and reliability of NPPs
  • Economic and efficient operation of NPPs
  • Fuel cycle support
  • Support for operation and maintenance of NPPs
  • Ageing management and plant life management
  • Structural and mechanical properties
  • Radioactive waste and decommissioning
  • Certified laboratories


Non-nuclear energy:

  • Design and related engineering services
  • Operation and maintenance technical support
  • Ageing management and plant life management
  • Hydrogen technologies


Research and development:

  • Gen IV nuclear reactors and SMRs
  • Radwaste repositories
  • Nuclear fuel cycle
  • Low-emission coal energy
  • Renewables
  • Material research
  • Hydrogen technologies



  • Commercial production of radiopharmaceuticals
  • PET centers
  • R&D and testing

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