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Environment and renewable resources

Two Thirds of CEZ Group´s 2022 Investments Went into Eligible and Taxonomy-aligned Activities; Despite the Energy Crisis, CO2 Emissions Fell by Almost 830,000 Tons

CEZ Group reduced Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions by 4% last year, which corresponds to almost 830 thousand tons. The production of pollutants and waste was also reduced. Within the framework of the CEZ Group’s Clean Energy of Tomorrow strategy, investments in renewable energy and other environmental solutions also grew: two-thirds of all last year’s investments were directed to eligible and taxonomy-aligned activities. The most recent CEZ Group’s Sustainability Report 2022 covers over 480 various ESG indicators.

7. 6. 2023

Economics and financial news

In Q1, CEZ Group earned CZK 10.8 billion, almost 60 percent less year-on-year. The ČEZ Board of Directors proposes a record dividend of CZK 117 per share.

Its EBITDA in Q1 reached CZK 32.5 billion. The year-on-year decrease of CZK 11.1 billion was mainly due to extraordinary profits of over CZK 10 billion in 2022. This is due to the extreme increase and fluctuations in commodity prices following Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, the implemented liquidity measures and record profits from commodity trading last year. Net income in Q1 reached CZK 10.8 billion, a year-on-year decrease of CZK 15.9 billion. Beyond the decrease in operating profit, the newly introduced windfall profits tax of 60% had a major impact. CEZ Group specified its financial outlook for the entire year 2023: An EBITDA of CZK 105 to 115 billion and a net income of CZK 33 to 37 billion. The ČEZ Board of Directors approved the dividend proposal in a record amount of CZK 117 per share and set the date for the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting at June 26, 2023 in Prague. If the proposed dividend is approved by the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, CEZ Group will pay more than CZK 100 billion to the Czech state this year in dividends, income taxes and levies from excessive production sales.

11. 5. 2023

Nuclear power plants

Temelín started to reduce its output in a planned manner and will initiate a two-month shutdown for refuelling on Friday night.

Tonight, Temelin Unit 1 began to reduce its power slowly. Operators will shut down the Unit for scheduled equipment checks and refuelling on Friday evening. During the outage, technicians will conduct 82 dozens of investment actions related to the plant's modernization. In total, ČEZ has nearly 16,000 activities planned for approximately two months during the outage.

5. 4. 2023

Environment and renewable resources
Products and services

Headquarters of Komerční banka from Societé Génerale Group Has Solar Power Plant from ČEZ ESCO on Its Roof

*Komerční banka from the Societé Génerale group has a photovoltaic system on the roof of its Prague headquarters

*210 panels will generate almost 100 MWh of electricity per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 36 tonnes

*The “Photovoltaic System for 1 CZK” model, which allows a customer to purchase a power plant without investment costs, was used for the installation

This helps Komerční banka get closer to its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2026. The installation work has already been completed by ČEZ ESCO, which focuses on energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions for companies, municipalities and the public administration. The photovoltaic power plant at Komerční banka’s headquarters in Prague’s Stodůlky district has more than 200 panels and produces almost 100 MWh of emission-free electricity annually.

4. 4. 2023