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We are succesful within European energetics


Abroad CEZ Group focuses on markets in Central and Southeastern Europe and the development of renewable energy sources. Active company headquartered in Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Turkey and the Slovak Republic.


vlajka - BulharskoRepublic of Bulgaria

CEZ Bulgaria EAD was established in the middle of 2005 in order to represent ČEZ Group on the Bulgarian power market. The major activities of CEZ Bulgaria EAD are focused particularly on support of activities of ČEZ Group in Bulgaria. Another important role of CEZ Bulgaria EAD is coordination of activities of all ČEZ companies in Bulgaria.


CEZ Group has an installed capacity of 6,5 MW in Bulgaria.

elektrárna OrešecThe photovoltaic plant Oreshets occupies an area of 10 ha. It was built in the place of an abandoned wood processing plant located in Oreshets industrial area. As a result of this eco-friendly electricity production 6900 tons of climate-damaging CO2 will be saved annually. View profile of Oreshets photovoltaic power plant with and photogalery

In October 2015 CEZ completed the construction of the Bara power plant, a 1.7 MW biomass cogeneration unit.

Electricity Distribution

The distribution company CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD operates in the western part of Bulgaria in an area of 40 000 km2 (almost 3 million inhabitants). These areas are Sofia-city, Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil, Pernik, Pleven, Lovech, Vratsa, Montana, Vidin. In April 2015 was founded the 100% subsidiary CEZ Razpredelenie - CEZ ICT Bulgaria EAD, which provides information and communication services.

Electricity Sales

Sale of electricity to customers and trading on the wholesale market are attended to by CEZ Trade Bulgaria EAD. All the activities relating to purchase, sale and customer services performs CEZ Elektro Bulgaria AD. It is a trading company established because of the requirements arising from the change of the Power Act and from the European regulations relating to the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union (particularly Directive 2003/54/EC).

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vlajka RumunskoRomania

CEZ Romania S.A. is providing maintenance and management services to members of the ČEZ Group and also serves as a team support for possible acquisitions in Romania.

větrný park FantaneleProduction

In November 2012, ČEZ connected the last of 240 turbines of the Fantanele and Cogealac wind farms to the grid - with the total generating capacity of 600 MW, which means the largest project of its kind in Europe. The Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm is situated in an area of 12 by 6 kilometres in the Romanian province of Dobruja, only 17 kilometres from the shore of the Black Sea. The project consists of the installation of GE 2.5 XL wind turbines, each having a rated capacity of 2.5 MW. These units are 100 metres in height and have an average rotor diameter of 99 metres. Once complete, the wind farm project will represent an almost 10% share of the Romanian renewable energy market (which includes large hydroelectric plants). View profile of Fantanele and Cogaelac wind farm and photogalery

Watch the video of theconstruction of the wind park Fantanele-Cogaelac! (filmed: November2012)

MVE ResitaIn 2011, CEZ Romania S.A. acquired 100% share in the Romanian company TMK Hydroenergy Power S.R.L.Assets of the newly acquired company are located near the town of Resita and consist of 4 dams – (Trei Ape, Gozna, Valiug, Secu) and 4 small hydro power plants – (Crainicel I, Crainicel II, Grebla and Breazova). The total installed capacity of the system is about 22 MW. View profile of Resita hydro power plant and photogalery

Romania - card

Electricity Distribution

The distribution company CEZ Distributie SA operates in the southwestern part of Romania (Arges, Dolj, Gorj, Olt, Mehedinti, Teleorman and Valcea), where live more than 3.5 million inhabitants. The company provides supplies for the nearly 1.4 million eligible customers.

Electricity Sales

Sale of electricity to customers and trading are attended to by CEZ Trade Romania S.R.L. This company is partly also involved in the sale of electricity to eligible customers (this area is primarily under the responsibility of the company CEZ Vanzare S.A.).

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vlajka - PolskoRepublic of Poland

Main objective of company CEZ Polska Sp. z o.o.,  to provide maintenance and management services to members of the ČEZ Group in Poland, and to act as a support for further acquisition activities. The company is based in Warsaw.

elektrárna ELCHOProduction

CEZ Group companies owned generation facilities with a total installed capacity of 681 MW in the Republic of Poland: coal-fired power plants with 678.4 MW and hydro power plants with 2.5 MW.

The generating capacity of the Skawina bituminous coal-fired plant,  including a little hydro-power plant in its territory, is 490 MW (including small hydropower plants Skawinka in their area). ELCHO power plant (in the picture) produces combined electricity and heat in two modern units with the total generating capacity of 208 MW.

In mid-2013 was launched small hydropower plant Borek with installed capacity of 865 kW.

Additional information is available on the following websites:

CEZ Group in Poland see a great potential in the construction of new wind resources. In 2011 CEZ Poland Distribution B.V. acquired a 67% stake in company Eco-Wind Construction S.A.This is a developer of wind parks, which has projects in Poland of approximate total output more than 700 MW in their early stage.

Poland - card

Electricity Sales

CEZ Trade Polska sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw was established in 2007 for the purpose of trading electricity in Poland. It is a 100% subsidiary of ČEZ, a. s. Currently, this company supplies electricity to end customers in the segments of large enterprises and SME.

Other companies in Poland where CEZ has a 100% stake: CEZ Towarowy Dom Maklerski sp. z o.o. (formerly CEZ Cieplo Polska Sp. z o.o.), which performs brokerage services with respect to transactions at the Polish Power Exchange (Towarowa Giełda Energii), and CEZ Produkty Energetyczne Polska Sp. z.o.o., which deals with waste management and energy by-products.

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vlajka - Slovenská republikaRepublic of Slovakia

In December 2008, the co-operation of ČEZ with the Hungarian enterprise MOL, became a joint venture, i.e. CM European Power International B.V., resulted in the foundation of CM European Power International s.r.o. based in Bratislava. In May 2013 it was decided to merge the two companies, with effect from 1. 6. 2013 CMEPI Company Ltd. ceased to exist in the legal senseand its legalsuccessor is CMEPS Ltd. Its main activity is the operation of the heating plant on the premises ofthe Bratislava refinery Slovnaft.


Production of process steam and electricity provided by CM European Power Slovakia, ltd. Buyer is refinery Slovnaft (part of MOL). Total installed capacity of thermal power station Slovnaft is 114 MW.

Sales of Electricity and Natural Gas

ČEZ Slovensko, s.r.o. supplies electricity and gas to all end customer's segments, i.e. to households, SME and large enterprises (big industrial companies) in Slovakia.

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vlajka - Turecká republikaRepublic of Turkey

On the basis of an agreementon strategic cooperation CEZ Group and AkkökGroup was created by a joint venture Akenerji Elektrik Üretim A.S., which operates several hydroelectric power plants and wind park Ayyildiz. An important project under the joint venture is also combined heat andpower (CHP) plant of Egemer in the east of Turkey.

Through Akcez Enerji AS,the second joint venture of CEZ Group and Akkök Group,CEZ's ownshare in the distribution company Sakarya Elektrik Dagitim, A.Ş.(SEDAS).

In November 2012, a new sales company Sakarya Elektrik Perakende Satış A.Ş. was established in Turkey, in which Akcez Enerji A.Ş. holds a share of 100%. Establishment of the company is a part of the unbundling process.

vodní elektrárna HimmetliProduction

Electricity is generated by Akenerji Elektrik Üretim A.S. and its subsidiaries. CEZ Group co-ownspower plants with a total installed capacity of 1,203.7 MW (overview see below) View profile of hydro power plants and photogalery

Egemer - Turecká republikaCombined Heat and Power Plant in Turkey

In October 2011 began construction of combined heatand power (CHP)  with an installed capacity of 904 MW. In August 2014, Together with its partner, Akkök of Turkey, the CEZ Group has accepted from their contractor a newly built CHP plant of Egemer in southeast Turkey and started its live operation. Being a highly efficient source of heat and power with 57% efficiency and a service life of minimum 30 years, the plant should generate up to 7,000 GWh of electricity every year.

Generation Facilities Co-Owned by CEZ Group in Turkey
Power plant Type Installed capacity (MW) Commissioning
Egemer CHP 904 2014
Ayyıldız RES wind 5 x 3 2009
Bulam hydro 7,03 2010
Burc Bendi hydro 27,33 2010
Feke I hydro 2 x 14,5 2012
Feke II hydro 69,35 2010
Gökkaya hydro 2 x 14 2012
Himmetli hydro 2 x 13,5 2012
Uluabat hydro 97,02 2010

Turkey - card

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vlajka - SRNFederal Republic of Germany

CEZ Deutschland GmbH

The ČEZ Group has been operating in Germany since 2001.  The main objective of CEZ Deutschland GmbH was electricity trading in the territory of Germany.  Due to the market liberalization and streamlining of licensing conditions in Germany is traded through CEZ DeutschlandGmbH only a part of electricity trades.The remaining part is traded directly by CEZ, a. s. Deutschland GmbH operates the German market as well as support for potential M & A activity within the Federal Republic of Germany.

CEZ Group in GermanyProduction

Strengthening of the position of CEZ Group in the field of renewable energy sources in Central and Western Europe is one of the main objectives of the updated strategy of CEZ Group.

In this context, ČEZ announced in April 2016 its strategic intention to invest heavily in renewable energy sources, in the development of decentralized technologies and innovative solutions in Western markets (especially in renewable sources in Germany).

After examining a number of acquisition opportunities, CEZ Group announced in early December its first acquisition of an onshore wind farm operating on the German market.

Currently CEZ Group companies in Germany owned onshore wind farms with the installed capacity of more than 133 MW.

Acquisitions of technology companies

ČEZ Nová energetika, operating under the brand name Inven Capital, which it subsequently adopted as its name, was founded for the purpose of investing in innovative developing companies active in the new energy industry in Europe. In September 2016, Inven Capital, an investment fund, obtained from the Czech National Bank the authorization to operate a self-administered qualified investor fund, and became a regulated entity. It focuses primarily on investment opportunities in later-stage growth with a business model proven by sales and with growth potential. Its objective is to generate long-term value through active collaboration with portfolio companies and their founders. ČEZ has invested through INVEN CAPITAL into Sunfire, which develops and industrializes the most advanced energy technologies contributing to CO2 emission reduction and the development of decentralized energy sources, as well as into sonnen, the global leader in intelligent battery systems for energy storage for households. In addition to these smart customer-oriented power solutions, ČEZ is exploring the residential heating and cooling sector through its investment in tado°. In May 2017, INVEN CAPITAL has become a shareholder in the Dresden-based company Cloud&Heat Technologies, which provides a unique solution that uses server heat for hot water and heating purposes in commercial buildings.

JTSD Braunkohlebergbau GmbH

Since 2009 ČEZ, a. s. has hold through Severočeské doly, a.s., a 50% stake in JTSD Braunkohlebergbau GmbH. This company has its seat in Zeitz, Germany and is the direct holder of a 100 % stake in the German company MIBRAG.

In 2011 the company became a part of the Energy and Industrial Holding, a. s. - on June 29, 2012 was the settlement (ie. Closing) an agreement dated 28.7.2011 for the sale of 50% stake in JTSD -Braunkohlebergbau GmbH into the hands of companies from EPH Group. The sole shareholder in JTSD-Braunkohlebergbau GmbH after the settlement is the company Lignite Investments 1Limited.



By acquiring 9 wind farms, CEZ Group has entered the French renewable energy market. The projects were acquired from ABO Wind, a reputed German developer of renewable sources. Located in six regions across France, the onshore wind farms are in an advanced stage of development. During the next 5 years, up to 100 MW of installed capacity can be built. All wind farms have operational support in the form of a feed-in tariff guaranteed for 15 years.


Further foreign capital participations of the ČEZ Group

vlajka - AlbánieRepublic of Albania

In May 2009, ČEZ, a. s. acquired a 76% share in Operatori i Sistemit te Shperndarjes Sh.A., an Albanian distribution company based in Tirana.  The balance of 24% wass owned by the state of Albania.  The company was renamed CEZ Shpërndarje 2010.Currently there ČEZ don´t exercises its shareholder rights, since 21.1.2013 trustee has de facto control over the company.

On October 16, 2014 came into effect the settlement agreement concluded between CEZ Group and Albania. This agreement straightens all claims between CEZ Groupon and the Republic of Albania. According to the Agreement, ČEZ is going to receive a total of EUR 100 million, an amount similar to its initial investment in acquiring the Albanian power distribution company.

Currently CEZ Group owns in Albania companies Shared Services Albania Sh.A (established in 2009 to provide shared and support services).


vlajka - MaďarskoHungary

The main objectives of the Hungarian company CEZ Hungary Ltd. are sale of electricity to end customers in the segment of large enterprises and to support ČEZ, a. s. in electricity trading in Hungary.

In March 2009, ČEZ acquired a share in Dunai Gőzfejlesztő Kft. This acquisition was also a result of the co-operation of ČEZ and MOL and took place through their joint venture CM European Power International B.V. In April 2009, the company was renamed MOL – CEZ European Power Hungary Ltd. In 2012 was suspended work on the construction project CCGT power plant of 850 MW in location Százhalombatta (the most important refinery company MOL Nyrt.). CEZ Group's share in the company was sold to October, 31 2014.

The official pages of CEZ Hungary are available at


vlajka - Nizozemské královstvíKingdom of the Netherlands

  • CEZ, as in the Netherlands has not own trading activity in the energy sector, the following companies are holding and financing companies.
  • ČEZ, a. s. acquired three other companies – CEZ Silesia B.V., CEZ Chorzow B.V. and CEZ PolandDistribution B.V. – in connection with acquiring stakes in Poland’s power utilities Elektrocieplownia Chorzow ELCHO Sp. z o.o. and Elektrownia Skawina S.A. ČEZ took over the current ownership model of Polish power plants through these companies. CEZ Poland Distribution B.V.  also hold minority shares in company Eco-Wind Construction S.A. in Poland.
  • The ČEZ-MOL joint venture, headquartered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, was founded in July 2008 under the name CM European Power International B.V., with ČEZ owning a 50% share.
  • In May 2009, CEZ International Finance B.V.was registered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in order to fund selected projects of CEZ, especially MIBRAG.
  • In January 2011, CEZ Bulgarian Investments B.V. was established in the Netherlands. This is a 100% subsidiary of ČEZ, a. s., established with the aim of supporting the development of renewable sources of the ČEZ Group in Bulgaria.
  • CEZ MH B.V., a member of CEZ Group