Strategy and energy policy

Clean Mobility package

(November 2017) The CEZ Group considers as suitable transport decarbonisation approach that the Regulation proposal sets new EU fleet wide CO2 targets applicable to new passenger cars and new light commercial vehicles from 2020, 2025 and 2030.

Regulation on the internal market for electricity and Directive on common rules for the internal market in electricity

(January 2017) The CEZ Group´s long-term priority is to achieve a well-functioning integrated electricity market which together with the EU ETS provides for reliable investment signals in order to boost investment into low-carbon sources.

Directive on the promotion of the energy from renewable sources

(January 2017) The newly proposed obligatory overall target in the share of energy from renewable sources (RES) in the Union´s gross final consumption for 2030 has many implementation risks and lacks of clarity.

Directive on energy efficiency

(January 2017) The European Commission has published the revision of the energy efficiency directive (EED) in order to correct market failures leading to ineffective-use of the full potential for energy savings and to support the implementation of the European target for energy savings.

Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union

(January 2017) The Governance of the Energy Union should guarantee the fulfilment of the energy and climate targets and be cost-effective, stable and predictable in order to guarantee the relevant price signal for decarbonisation.

CEZ Group paper on EU electricity market design

Since 2003, European Commission set forth to introduce an internal European electricity market (IEM) based on connecting national markets and stimulating free trade of electricity across the continent.

A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies

The CEZ Group welcomes the fact that 2030 Green paper combines the two key issues – energy and climate change policies. This integrated approach is the only one which can tackle both immediate and long-term challenges.

General Block Exemption Regulation 2014-2020

The CEZ Group welcomes the current review of the state aid rules and considers it an important opportunity to improve and harmonize rules for providing state aids.

Long-term financing of the European economy

From the point of view of the energy sector, it has to be stated that the CEZ Group reduces investments because of the increasing uncertainty regarding the projection of development of the market situation and the...

2015 International Climate Change Agreement

The CEZ Group believes that if the 2015 Agreement should fulfil the expectations of all actors engaged, it must stem from the only, so far concluded, universal agreement that is the Convention.

EU Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution

The CEZ Group considers the revision of the Thematic Strategy On Air Pollution very useful. However, it must be stressed that any measures that might come into account have to be considered from the view of efficiency,...

Generation adequacy, capacity mechanisms and internal market in elektricity

The CEZ Group believes that fundamentally the internal market is a self-correcting mechanism that enables energy markets to function under normal conditions without any support mechanisms.