General Block Exemption Regulation 2014-2020

The CEZ Group welcomes the current review of the state aid rules and considers it an important opportunity to improve and harmonize rules for providing state aids.

In general, CEZ Group agrees both with the focus and the scope of the amended GBER, especially with the inclusion of more types of aid compared to the legislation in force at present.

As regards individual notification thresholds, we consider the level currently used for environmental protection of 7,5 mil Euro as too low, at least for some interventions (for example decontamination of the polluted sites). We propose to differentiate individual notification thresholds taking into account the distortive potential of different measures. Generally speaking, an obligation to notify increases administrative burden on the side of beneficiaries as well as granting authorities and could slow down the process of granting aid significantly, thus postponing the positive effect of the aid.