Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union

The regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union should be adopted after the adoption of all other parts of the package in order to avoid anticipation of Member State's 2030 objectives.

a) Linear trajectory

Linearity of trajectories has been proposed. For renewables and energy efficiency should be allowed also other than linear trajectories. It is not clear whether new objectives will build on the old set objectives, or on actually achieved values (in 2020, RES will reach around 15.3 % but the target was 13 %).

b) Regional cooperation

It is necessary to define clear rules for the regional cooperation. Article 11 does not specify the preparation and implementation of plans. It only deals with the obligation of Member States to cooperate at regional level, based on identified opportunities in national plans, with the obligation to consult neighboring countries and other countries that are interested. Results of the regional cooperation should be stated in the national plans, including the method of incorporation of comments.

c) Renewables

By the shortfall of the RES target, the Article 27 requires as an alternative the introduction of a financial platform but does not set conditions for its functioning and contributions by the Member States. Their release will depend on the delegated acts by the Commission. The rules should be specified directly in the Regulation, given that the contribution is proposed as from 2021. Basic parameters shouldn’t be set by delegated acts. For the Czech Republic, a more suitable tool for setting of the 2030 goals appears to be the current method of setting individual national binding targets, compared to a single target at the EU level, without specifying financial penalties in the form of an EU financial platform.