Telco Pro Services, a. s.

Duhová 1531/3 Praha 4 140 00

Telco Pro Services, a. s. is a telecommunication operator whose business activities focus on providing telecommunication services primarily to customers in the Czech Rep., mostly CEZ Group companies. The product portfolio includes both public e-communication services and customer-oriented services tailored to customers’ individual requirements. The range of operations makes Telco Pro Services a company with significant market power on the telecommunication market.

The company owns and operates extensive telecommunication systems forming a technical base for a wide range of voice and data services. A major part of them consists of telecommunications tailored for customers from the energy sector and used, among other things, for industrial systems providing support for dispatch control of electricity generation and distribution. The systems are operated and administrated primarily by our own expert personnel, working in close cooperation with IT specialists from our parent company, CEZ ICT Services, a.s.  Currently, TPS operates more than twenty thousand landlines, data circuits and high-speed internet services.

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