OSC, a. s., has its own websites on www.osc.cz, where you can find all information about the company.

OSC, a.s., does business and focuses primarily on the following activities:

  • Develop and supply simulation systems and simulator equipment;
  • Adjust settings and optimize the operation of generation facilities;
  • Provide technical assistance in commissioning generation facilities;
  • Perform guarantee and other specialized measurements (vibrations, cavities, operation diagrams, coupling set-up optimization etc.) at regular and small-size hydroelectric power plants;
  • Develop, implement, and operate special electronic modules;
  • Prepare resources to provide auxiliary services including certification measurements;
  • Develop real-time control applications;
  • Provide services and technical support to customers in respect of the systems and equipment supplied.

The customer portfolio includes numerous Czech and foreign customers, which are mainly from the power generation industry (fossil-fuel power and heat plants, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, small hydro power plants, energy control centres, power transmission and distribution system operators, heat generation and distribution facility operators).