Lomy Morina (Quarries Morina)

Company profile

Lomy Morina, spol. s.r.o., is engaged in mining – limestone mining and processing.  The vast surroundings of Morina as well as other parts of Barrandienare are rich of limestone deposits with high percentage of carbonate on lower devonian. The proved deposits of high-percentage and other limestone make it possible to anticipate long-term mining. By the volume of the proved deposits and its present production, the company ranks among important Czech mining companies.

It supplies approximately 500,000-600,000 tons of limestone per year, which covers roughly one half of annual consumption. In 2011, the company is expected to supply approximately 600,000 tons of limestone. Its principal business is mining and processing of high-grade limestones for use in FGD equipment associated with the generation units of coal-fired power plants. Verified limestone deposits give the company a positive long-term outlook.

CEZ, a.s. has a 51 % share in Lomy Morina, the remaining 49 % are owned by Ceskomoravsky cement, a.s.

At the present, production takes place at three quarries. The first one,Cerinka,  situated in the North wing of the Doutnace anticline is the main source of raw material for desulphurization of power plants. The second quarry, Holy Vrch, is located in the South wing and in the center of the anticline of America. Its limestone deposits are suitable only for crushed aggregate production. The third quarry, Tetin, is situated on the right bank of the Berounka river, where Koneprusy and Slivenec limestones developed into highly carbonted forms. The local raw material is suitable for purposes that demand higher percentage of carbonate and material purity.

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