Company profile

SKODA PRAHA a.s., as a part of CEZ Group, is the leading entity on the Czech power market in the area of construction, re-construction and modernization of complete industrial plants inland and abroad. It specializes mainly in delivery of high-power energetic systems (conventional power plants, steam-gas cycles, peak-load sources), reconstruction of existing plants (comprehensive renewal, reconstruction and modernization of technological equipment), construction and reconstruction of industrial and communal power systems (heating plants) and ecological projects (biomass combustion).

The SKODA PRAHA joint stock company is a stabilized company with modern management, and works with cutting-edge technologies and techniques. Our good reputation on foreign markets is backed by more than sixty years of tradition. For this reason, among others, we rank alongside important international companies like Siemens, Westinghouse, Fluor Daniel and Black&Veatch, and are active on all five continents.

Through an offer for a  take-over, CEZ, a. s. increased its eqity share from 68.88 % to 97.6 % on March 9, 2005. Following the decision of the general meeting of August 31, 2005 on a transfer of all participant´s stocks of SKODA PRAHA a.s. to the main stockholder, CEZ, a.s. became the owner of 100 % of shares on November 5, 2005. After executed stabilization the company´s economic results have remained stable.

Official company websites

Further information about SKODA PRAHA a.s. is available on its official websites here.