CEZ Energetické produkty

From 2009 CEZ Energetické produkty, s.r.o. being a subsidiary company of CEZ, a. s., will secure complex services in the area of front fuel cycle at classic power plants of the CEZ Group. The front fuel cycle is the operation area of coal handling and fuel dumping and the rear fuel cycle, removal of side energy products (VEP), including their disposal (a dump, sale, other utilisation), operation of facilities in this area and meeting of legislative requirements.

Major users of VEP are building companies and manufacturers of building materials (cement factories and concrete mixing plants). Due to the domestic and foreign boom in the area of civil engineering VEP are becoming more and more interesting trading commodity. According to the management of CEZ Energetické produkty it is realistic for income from sale of this commodity to increase by 90 percent. The target aim of CEZ Energetické produkty is a gradual extension of the offer of services for all classic power plants within the CEZ Group and maximal use of the existing boom in civil engineering and related growth of VEP sale.