Svitavy - TEDOM CAT 2000Vision

As a subsidiary of CEZ, a.s., CEZ Energo's task from 2011 was to significantly contribute to and promote a faster development of modern and environmentally friendly sources designed for power and heat co-generation. The company's primary partners are cities and municipalities , central heat supply (CHS) system operators, industries, hospitals, sports facilities, accommodation facilities, and complexes of residential and/or office buildings.


Small co-generation development is now consistent with the FUTUR/E/MOTION vision, by which the CEZ Group expresses its intention to invest in new technologies that will in the future make it possible to generate, distribute, and consume electricity more efficiently in a sustainable manner. The cooperation of the CEZ Group and TEDOM will create synergies and combine the companies' long-term experience in operating co-generation units, provide financial stability and the potential required for further development. 

The long-term goal of the newly established venture is to install and then operate co-generation units with a cumulated installed capacity of some 200 MWe, which represents 10% of the Czech market potential.