About CEZ ICT Services, a. s.

CEZ ICT Services, a. s., a joint stock company, it is hundred percent owned by CEZ, a. s. It was founded by the merger of CEZnet, a. s., and CEZData, s. r. o., on 1 st October 2008 in order to provide complex ICT services anywhere in the Czech Republic.

CEZ ICT Services, a. s., ranks among advanced providers of fully converged ICT services. The company’s extensive infrastructure makes it possible to provide an attractive array of ICT services offering many ways of utilization. The company enjoys a special position based on a contractual relationship with its owner and mother company CEZ, a. s.

Several years of experience in ICT services tailored to the needs of power engineering are a well-proven foundation for providing comprehensive and highly professional services and guarantees of top quality.


The key strategic principle of CEZ ICT Services, a. s., is the continuous growth of availability and operations quality of ICT services through the natural development of its activities with regard to optimization of the target solution including its implementation and operating costs.


We will be the preferred and effective provider and integrator of comprehensive high quality ICT services and solutions for the CEZ Group.


  • We support the business activities and objectives of the CEZ Group by delivering professional ICT services and solutions based on corporate standards.
  • In line with the seven corporate culture principles of the CEZ Group we create professional and creative environment for our employees.
  • We support value growth of the CEZ Group by providing efficient ICT services and optimizing costs.