CEZ ICT Services, a. s., offers its clients top class support in two interrelated fields. They represent two basic pillars of our proposition – electronic communications services and information technologies. These services are mainly based on a wellbalanced unified and consolidated application and technology infrastructure.


Electronic communications services

CEZ ICT Services, a. s., is authorized to provide electronic communications services in accordance with a certificate no. 400 issued by the Czech Telecommunications Office pursuant to the general authorization no. VO-S/1/07.2005-9.


We are an alternative telecommunications provider operating in the territory of the Czech Republic. We provide our comprehensive portfolio of voice services by means of direct access, operator selection or IP protocol based services. Our voice network is interconnected with the networks of all the major alternative and mobile operators in all points of interconnection.


A wide range of data services provided through MPLS platform offers highly flexible high-speed, multimedia environment for integrated data, voice and video transmission including

remote access and Internet access based on IP protocol. CEZ ICT Services, a. s., offers sufficient connectivity to provide access to a great number of small customers, small and

medium-sized businesses as well as the most demanding clients asking for transmission of large data volumes.


Operation of all voice and data services is monitored 24-hours a day, 365-days a year by our Monitoring Centre. Customers of CEZ ICT Services, a. s., benefit from permanent remote

active monitoring of the status of their services, technology and solutions.

Protective technical services

CEZ ICT Services, a. s., is a provider of comprehensive security, controlling and information technology customer solutions focused on protecting physical security of persons, assets and

information including classified information. Everyday and simple use of the company’s know-how helps to present the company as an effective integrator and supplier of sophisticated security solutions guaranteeing top technical level and continuity.


The total length of our backbone optical network exceeds 7,000 km. Node points, located primarily in power facilities (power plants, distribution points, etc.) in district cities, former

district towns and a number of other locations all over the Czech Republic, are equipped with transmission technology supporting digital transmission capacity of 64 kbps – 2,5 Gbps.

Physical infrastructure

The company operates a network of optical fibres and metallic cables, part of the capacity is used for own company networks, part can be offered to other customers to be used by them.


IT services

The basic characteristic of our IT services is the full process orientation naturally supporting direct and operative management of services.

  • EnterpriseResource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer systems (CIS)
  • Working scheme for EE distribution (PTIS-D)
  • Working schemes for EE production (PTIS-V)
  • Systems for EE measuring (EDM) 
  • Systems supporting EE trading (OIS and TSM)
  • Office services
  • Internet access
  • Printing lines
  • Other specialized services


Project management approach is used to implement all services, customers as well as our major suppliers (SAP, HP, IBM, Microsoft and others) always take an active part in the process. The main ICT provisioning processes have been certified according to ISO 9001.