CEZ Teplarenska, a.s.

The Teplárenská, a.s. company was established by division of United Energy, a.s. into two legal entities – United Energy, a.s. (United Energy assignee, the joint stock company) and Teplarenska, a.s. CEZ, a. s. became a hundred percent owner of the company on 5 April 2007. Basic activities of the new management were focused especially on hand over of the company control and its integration into the CEZ Group.

The strategic objective of CEZ Teplarenska, a.s. is to secure production, delivery and sale of heat to end customers in all locations in which the CEZ Group owns and operates sources convenient for economically effective and ecological production and delivery of heat.

The company distributes heat from the electric power plants in Tušimice, Prunéřov and Ledvice. It owns approximately 200 kilometres of heat feeders and distribution systems, 205 heat exchanging stations, a coal heating plant in Proboštov and over 60 gas boiler plants of various types, designs and power.