CEZ orders were repeatedly forged in the course of 2011. Forged orders were addressed to companies in various EU countries and they mainly concerned the delivery of metallurgical material. 

After detecting the first case of forgery, CEZ filed a criminal complaint against an unknown offender for the suspected commissioning of the crime of fraud and infringement of other person's rights.

Due to the fact that the competent bodies have been unable to reveal the offender so far, it is not possible to rule out the recurrence of similar cases in the future. Therefore, CEZ calls upon all entities to whom CEZ orders are addressed to verify, in the event of any doubts, their authenticity at the below indicated contact address.


CEZ, a. s.

Purchasing Department

fax: +420 211 042 036, +420 381 103 705

E-mail: nakup {zavináč} cez {tečka} cz