The small Bukovec Hydro Power Station

The small hydropower plant Bukovec is situated at the end of a restored diversion channel of the Berounka river. It is a run-of-river plant which uses the hydrostatic drive of the river generated by a solid weir on the border of the cadastries of Pilsen suburbs Bukovec and Bolevec. The inlet into the diversion channel is ca 700 m before the plant and is mounted with coarse racks and sluice gates.

To the left of them there is an inlet into a fish pass with an arch-like channel bed emptying into an under weir. There are fine racks in both turbines intakes, where two cleaning machines sweep silt out into a conduit emptying into a collecting container. Next to the building there is an aquarium fish pass. The plant is unmanned with automatic operation. Two horizontal fully regulated Kaplan turbines have the installed capacity of 630 kW. The design average yearly electricity generation is 2,400,000 kWh.