The Pastviny Hydropower Plant Pastviny

The Pastviny Hydro Power StationThe small hydropower plant Pastviny was put into operation in 1933. Originally it operated as a pumped-storage hydropower plant and held a few records at that time. At the time of its construction, it was the largest pumped-storage hydropower plant and it was the first power plant in the former Czechoslovakia where the machinery was not protected inside the building (it was in the open-air, it was a power plant of so called Swedist type). The last time when the plant operated in pumping mode was March 9, 1964. Since then, the plant has operated in run-of-river mode. In 2000, when the plant was modernized, there was installed an intermediate pressure Francis turbine with the installed capacity of 3000 kW. In 2006, the three phase generator got new winding, and a new water-pumping unit of the turbo-generator regulation system and new control system were installed.