The Pracov Hydropower Plant

The Práčov Hydro Power StationPracov Hydropower Plant, located in the heart of Zelezne hory, was one of the first hydro technology projects built in our country after the Second World War. In was put into operation in 1953. It stretched across six cadastral communities. Water is conveyed from Krizanovice reservoir on the Chrudinka river in an underground feeder canal which empties into an equalizing water tower with a steel upstream waterway leading to the plant.

Water distribution reseroir, so called „water castle“, equalizes water pressure in both waterways while turbine is closed and turbo-generating set shut down. Hydro Central managed one vertical unit comprising a Francis helical turbine and a three phase alternator. Within the modernization in 2001, a new vertical Francis turbine with the output of 9,750 kW was installed. Pracov Hydropower Plant operates in peak mode.